Appropriate Necklace and Bracelet Length?

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Original Post

rhea731 says

Hi! I just recently opened my Etsy shop, where I sell handmade hemp chokers and bracelets. I've always made hemp jewelry for myself more than for other people, and I'm never quite sure of the appropriate length for a choker or bracelet. I'm a bit on the small side, so the ideal choker size for me is 12 inches, and the best bracelets are about 6 inches. But how should I size these products for the general public? Is there a standard choker/bracelet length that people generally follow? Or should I just make a general guess for the appropriate length for the majority of people?

Posted at 12:26am Jun 6, 2010 EDT


I had the same question about length some time ago and found this chart to be really helpful!

Posted at 2:18am Jun 6, 2010 EDT

I think most standard necklace lengths are 16 or 18 inches long. However a choker style necklace that is supposed to lay on the neck (rather than laying on the chest) might, indeed, be shorter.

For bracelets, I'd say 7 inches is standard, and if you can make it adjustable, even better!

Posted at 2:21am Jun 6, 2010 EDT

I always make my chokers with a shortest length of 12 inches (I'm small too!) and an adjustable length, usually using an extender chain, of up to 14 1/2 inches for neck chokers.

Standard bracelet sizes seem to be from 6 1/2 inches to 7 1/2 inches, I usually add an extender or a couple of extra links with a wee dangle to bring it from standard 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 inch to make it more adjustable.

Or just put a note in your listing that the bracelet can be lengthened/shortened, same with the chokers. I always email my buyers to check the sizes are correct for them and get them to double check before send purchases out. Its also a great way to get a dialogue going with the buyer other than the boring old thanks for purchasing email!

Posted at 2:35am Jun 6, 2010 EDT

I usually do bracelets at 7 inches. My necklaces are usually 19, but I don't do chokers usually lol. I'd try to do an extender if I ever did chokers, but umm idk if you can really do an extender w/ hemp lol.

Posted at 2:56am Jun 6, 2010 EDT


Posted at 3:07am Jun 6, 2010 EDT

Marking. Great question! Thanks for asking.

Posted at 8:23am Jun 6, 2010 EDT

I don't sell chokers so I measured my neck for you. If it was sitting on my neck, 13" would work. For the base of my neck, 15" would work. This assumes that the beads are small.

Posted at 10:30am Jun 6, 2010 EDT

rhea731 says

Thanks everyone! This should help a lot.
And yes, I do leave extra material on the chokers so people can tie it off at whatever length they desire, but it's harder for bracelets. :\

Posted at 11:10am Jun 6, 2010 EDT

rhea731 says

CleverLittleThings: that chart was very helpful, thank you!

Posted at 11:11am Jun 6, 2010 EDT

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