Earrings for free :-)

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Original Post

Glasmagie says

Buy something from my shop, post it here and you will get one pair of these fairie green blue glass earrings for free.


Posted at 12:57am Jun 9, 2010 EDT


teaman says

I like your spiral and snake pendants Glasmagie, very nice. Also, great offer!

Posted at 1:06am Jun 9, 2010 EDT

momadonnas says

Nice shop! Great work!

Posted at 1:12am Jun 9, 2010 EDT

Glasmagie says

Thank you, teaman.
I love these earrings. They are very fashionable to nearly everything and something I can make very good. I have a pair of them in every possible color combination. :-)

Posted at 1:13am Jun 9, 2010 EDT

Hmm, well i feel kinda bad cause it's kinda scabbing off you! ^^; but I love your figures the best, but I have to say that this one www.etsy.com/listing/48185103/dragon-earrings-fire-red-glass-figurines is probably my favourite. I love the colours of it, it really suits the dragon, making it feel firey, and as always the quality is amazing! :D

Posted at 2:49am Jun 9, 2010 EDT

and i'm not buying it immediatly (sorry) but i will next week when I get paid! XD

Posted at 2:50am Jun 9, 2010 EDT

Glasmagie says

*puts a box in the place, climbs up and calls: earrings, glass earrings, handmade from extraordinary german handcrafted glass from Lauscha...*

Buy something you love from my shop and get a pair of them for free.

Posted at 5:47am Jun 9, 2010 EDT

Mystrol says

Hey ^^
I really adore your work. It's incredible that you're able to make such tiny but very good figurines out of glass.
I've took a looooong time, but finally I couldn't withstand anymore to buy something from your shop (to be honest, my money was mostly keeping me from it xD). The Helix earrings are cool. I love every kind of earring and those are having a nice color and shape. ^^ I'm going to wear them at my graduation (if they arrive in time). But your other works are very good too. The Dragons, the Leaves, the Butterflys. I like them. :)
And...I've been thinking about something but I don't know if that's really the right place for it but...are you even making figurines by custom request? Because I want something very much...although I'm not sure if you're even able to make it because it's very complicated.
However I'm talking way to much. ^^ I've already paid my order so it's time to sit down and wait. xD
Good work. ^^

Thank you, Mystrol

Posted at 7:37am Jun 9, 2010 EDT

Glasmagie says

Thank you Mystrol :-)
Yes I do custom requests.
Let me know, what you have on your mind, so we will see.
Have a nice day, the earrings are on the way.


Posted at 9:43am Jun 9, 2010 EDT