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Original Post

bomobob says


Need I say more?

Well, yes. Much more.

Before anyone gets as far as your pictures, they have to first want to click on the thumbnail, because that's the first thing they see. There was a thread on this yesterday, and I wanted to do a show-and-tell.

The web is visual. Shopping on the web is extremely visual. Every day we read threads about low views or no views. It's not because the items are not good or attractive, but rather because nobody clicks them.
Your item's thumbnail is your one and only opportunity to get people into your shop. There's no grey area here. They click or they don't. Full stop.

That thumbnail has to make them want to click. It has to catch their eye, intrigue them, seduce them, make them open the door and walk into your shop. If you had a real store, it would be the display window. I say tag shmag. People mostly browse. Yes, they search too, but they mostly browse sections they're interested in. A page appears. 21 thumnails, 75x75 in list view or 155x125 in gallery view.

If you're like me, you flick your Magic Mouse or you spin your scroll wheel, and zip down the page, your eyes darting around looking for something to jump out.

So here's an example. A beaded necklace, and two thumbnails out of many possibilities. Both shot with the same really crappy camera, in the same light at the same time.

One view from above, the whole necklace, the photo straight out of the crappy camera.
One close up, just a small section, levels adjusted after the fact.

List view:

Gallery view:

Which would you click? Even though you can't really tell what the 2nd thumbnail is, it stands out.

Here are the two full size pictures:

Notice how the dark photo, though not great, isn't too too bad in full size. It's dark, but that's the only issue. But in a thumbnail, it's just totally unclickable.

So while it's important to have great photos, spend lots of time looking at the thumbnails because they look totally different than the full size pictures. Use high contrast views. Make the colours POP. Make them visually interesting. You have 5 slots for pictures, so the main one doesn't have to show the whole item. Don't just upload you images to Etsy and then see them. Change your images to 75x75 or 155x125 and view them in real size on your screen.
How do they look? Do they jump off the page, or do they just sit there, waiting to be passed by?

Posted at 9:57am Jun 9, 2010 EDT


Good tips!

Posted at 9:58am Jun 9, 2010 EDT

Yes, I usually find that my thumbnails are brighter/lighter and more close up. You can really tell the difference in your example.

Posted at 10:00am Jun 9, 2010 EDT

Bomobob, great tips as always!!

Hey, how is the apartment therapy feature going? Have you gotten a lot of traffic/sales?

Posted at 10:01am Jun 9, 2010 EDT

marky mark.

(but actually retaking anymore pictures is gonna make me cry, so am saving this for later next century when I care again)

Posted at 10:01am Jun 9, 2010 EDT

Thanks -great ideas !

Posted at 10:02am Jun 9, 2010 EDT

Stop being invisible
But I'm in the middle of a bank robbery!

I kid, I kid. Don't arrest me.

Posted at 10:02am Jun 9, 2010 EDT

naomicayne says

Great post!!! I need to check my thumbnails out to make sure they POP!

Posted at 10:04am Jun 9, 2010 EDT

Always great tips Bob,
look forward to them!

Posted at 10:06am Jun 9, 2010 EDT

thanks for putting in the time to do this:) it is always a challenge to get it right, or even a little right!

Posted at 10:06am Jun 9, 2010 EDT