Help! My other account has been suspended and I don't know why?!

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Original Post

I went to comment on a post in the forums on my 'main' account and it wouldn't let me and this message appeared:

"Your ability to post in the forums has been suspended."

What does this mean?! I don't know what I've done wrong! Will my ability to post be permanently suspended? How do I get my 'ability' back again? I'm kind of confused :S

Posted at 3:45pm Jun 12, 2010 EDT


LaurieRyan says

oh dear sounds like you were muted for some reason. I guess you should contact admin and find out what is going on sorry to hear about that

Posted at 3:47pm Jun 12, 2010 EDT

Check the email account associated with your main name account and maybe search in the Spam folder - - you should see a letter from Etsy that explains if you were muted for some reason.

(Also, shops are supposed to be linked so you should probably add your main shop url to this secondary one, and don't be surprised if you *are* muted if they mute this account, too...)

Posted at 3:49pm Jun 12, 2010 EDT

Okay, thanks guys :( I did check my mail but not my spam folder. I'll go look and let you know what's happening :(

Posted at 3:51pm Jun 12, 2010 EDT

Nope, no reason at all! Just checked! No email, no convo, no nothing! I've just been muted and I've got no idea why! >_<

Posted at 3:52pm Jun 12, 2010 EDT

You need to contact support/admin.

Posted at 3:54pm Jun 12, 2010 EDT

artaltered says

And if one account is muted you shouldn't post with the other account either.

Contact them to figure it out.

Posted at 3:55pm Jun 12, 2010 EDT

artaltered says

Also, you need to disclose all your accounts in each account you have.

Posted at 3:55pm Jun 12, 2010 EDT

I think if you link your two shops, you should be ok.

Posted at 3:59pm Jun 12, 2010 EDT

I hope you get it worked out, whoever you are :)

(I think LisaJune is on today, maybe convo her directly?)

Posted at 3:59pm Jun 12, 2010 EDT