HEPL! Best GLUE for rhinestones on fabric or feathers???

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Original Post

rtisan says


I swear I have bought ever type of glue known to man!

I have tried my hot glue gun (bought a brand new one, works pretty good but chancy), tried zap a gap, and another kind of zap which is like super glue the guy with the hardhat hanging from a telephone wire,
e6000 which doesn't work at all.

Now I bought 2 part epoxy (but it doesn't come with caps apparently) and crafter's pick jewel bond. These two I have not tried yet.

Thanks in advance!

P.s. How to cap off the epoxy--it's like a double syringe?

Posted at 7:11 pm Jun 12, 2010 EDT


rtisan says

ah, I misspelled "Help"...maybe that's why I am not getting any! I swear I always aced English and grammar and spelling bees.

Posted at 7:17 pm Jun 12, 2010 EDT

Perhaps this site will help:

Posted at 7:19 pm Jun 12, 2010 EDT

rtisan says


Thanks Anickas!

Posted at 7:22 pm Jun 12, 2010 EDT

rtisan says

Are foilback rhinestones "metal"? Also the site doesn't have feathers, but thanks, it is handy and I have saved it.

Anyone use a lot of rhinestones with some good advice?

Posted at 7:23 pm Jun 12, 2010 EDT

rtisan says

off to work but bumping for an answer--thanks!

Posted at 11:55 pm Jun 12, 2010 EDT

for me the best for rhinestones on fabric is E-6000 www.eclecticproducts.com/e6000_series_retail.htm

Posted at 12:04 am Jun 13, 2010 EDT

Have you tried Fabric Tac by beacon?? Its Great I get it at Joann Fabrics but mayby one of our etsy friends sells it?? Good Luck

Posted at 3:16 am Jun 13, 2010 EDT

Hi there! marking this for future use!

Posted at 4:01 am Jun 13, 2010 EDT

I'm not sure if this will work on fabric or feathers. But

2 ton epoxy from devcon

When I lived in Korea, almost all the rhinestone hair clip manufacturers were using it.

Here's the tip I learned how to handle those tiny rhinestones. Place a tiny dab of glue (of your choice) on the surface the rhinestone is going to be placed, then use a cotton q-tips (wet the tip with water) and touch the face of rhinestone. The surface tension of water will grab the stone and will release when it is placed on the glue. Proceed to push the stone down a bit into the glue with a toothpick.

Posted at 4:05 am Jun 13, 2010 EDT

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