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Original Post

BelleSade says

So I'm getting married.

My SO's family are DEMANDING that I have at least three children. Like I'm one those machines that you stick a quarter in and get a toy. And it's not like they tease, they generally corner me and demand it like they're some sort of mafia that I owe money to. They get all insulting and into my personal life if I say I don't.

I'm in my twenties. I'm going to graduate school AT LEAST when I'm 29, if not 30. My career is going to be one in which I will have virtually no time and will be on call and generally not home often. Having kids has never been a priority in my life and my future career makes me NOT want kids even more because I won't be around enough for them, and I feel like I'd be a crapastic mother because of it.

Why the eff do people think weddings = childbirth and kids? My reproductive organs, I decide what to do with themm.

*end rant*

Posted at 5:48am Jun 14, 2010 EDT


blueditty says

Tell them you're infertile.
It will give you a window of at least 4 months peace before they start looking for your replacement.

Posted at 5:51am Jun 14, 2010 EDT

what does your fiance say about it?

Posted at 5:54am Jun 14, 2010 EDT

Yeah, what's the fiance say?

Posted at 5:58am Jun 14, 2010 EDT

BelleSade says

My fiancé says he's fine with it, that considering our jobs it makes the most sense. All he requests is that he gets a dog.

About his family, he says we're just living very far from them.

Posted at 6:02am Jun 14, 2010 EDT

BelleSade says

Blue, I considered the infertility route, but I don't want to just in case I change my mind later on, and I'm in med school and the first reply will be "Well why don't you go to your doctor friends?".

Posted at 6:03am Jun 14, 2010 EDT

drdjc says

Belle, I'm a rural GP and have one son. I completely understand how you feel with work and timing and children. It is very hard but it is possible if you want it.

My advice is have lots of talks with your SO and as long as you two are ok that's all that matters!

Posted at 6:08am Jun 14, 2010 EDT

blueditty says

If you change your mind later, you can be the walking miracle. They'll think you're holy.

In the meantime, you could say you've been seeing your doctor pals, and nothing can be done.

Maybe they'll let you tag along on the dates they set up for your SO!

Posted at 6:11am Jun 14, 2010 EDT

BelleSade says:
...About his family, he says we're just living very far from them.
I'd make sure that there's an ocean or two between you guys and those guys.

BTW - Where do you intend to set up your life/career/house?

Posted at 6:16am Jun 14, 2010 EDT

jenmaestre says

Just tell them you'll do your best to make a happy family.

Good luck, and best wishes, moon.

Posted at 6:31am Jun 14, 2010 EDT