Will E6000 be ok to glue fabric to purse frame?

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Original Post

bigbluebed says


I have a metal purse frame and I am making a bag for my niece's prom.

Panic..panic..as it is on Thursday.

But I have not got any fabric glue and the chances of me finding it round here are low.

But I do have E6000 - will that work?

Thank you for any advice.

Posted at 7:42 am Jun 14, 2010 EDT


ClareBears says

I don't know! sorry :(

Posted at 7:50 am Jun 14, 2010 EDT

bigbluebed says

Thanks anyway Clare.

Anyone else?

Posted at 7:50 am Jun 14, 2010 EDT

maisychain says

bbb, have you got a scrap of fabric you could try it on? or try asking 'spill? otherwise, i really don't know hun, soz :(

Posted at 8:11 am Jun 14, 2010 EDT

bigbluebed says

I am just bumping this to see if anyone else can help..

Posted at 3:24 pm Jun 14, 2010 EDT

quirke says

E6000 will glue practically anything together.

But it has toxic fumes. So air out the finished purse very well before giving it to anyone.

Posted at 4:00 pm Jun 14, 2010 EDT

bigbluebed says

Thank you quirke.

Posted at 4:05 pm Jun 14, 2010 EDT

I sell Gutermann glue. Please check out my post, as it may be of some help:


It's sold at my store and ships from NJ.


Posted at 11:19 am Sep 19, 2010 EDT

catsone says

E6000 is primarily made for adhering metals in jewelry fabrication, such as cold connections, or connections that won't need heat or solder to adhere the two. I would not recommend adhering any sort of fiber such as fabric with E6000, for it will alter the fabric and make it very stiff or not hold for the duration of the purse use.

Posted at 6:54 pm Sep 19, 2010 EDT

Seems like it would work. If it can glue metal to metal, then it should be able to glue fabric to metal. Let us know if it works.

Posted at 2:00 pm Sep 23, 2010 EDT

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