Creating a new etsy team..TEAM IMAGINATION..Come join and support the cause

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Original Post

ANSMV says

We will be creating an etsy team of creative people who support our non profit organization, the House Of Imagination. We have several members already and are looking for many more.This project will help artists and creative entrepreneurs nation wide and even world wide.

Thank you for your time, for more info visit

Looking forward to working with all of you

Posted at 9:03pm Jun 15, 2010 EDT


ANSMV says

I would like to thank kismet1990 for joining the team.Were waiting on a few others before we make it official.

Be sure to check out

Posted at 11:27pm Jun 16, 2010 EDT

ANSMV says

Woohoo.Big thanks to our newest member of team imagination

~Team Imagination~

Posted at 1:40am Jun 17, 2010 EDT

Wooooo! :D Thanks! Im Happy to help!

Posted at 12:01pm Jun 17, 2010 EDT

ANSMV says

Were happy to have you on board.We only need a few more people and then were ready to rock.

Posted at 1:09am Jun 19, 2010 EDT

ANSMV says

Wow.Etsy chat last night was showing a lot of love.Several more members have been added to the team and will be released on this post very soon.Thanks to all that have shown support.

Also all proceeds from this comic book have been graciously donated to our cause.So if your a comic book fan or know some one who is go to

Posted at 1:45pm Jun 19, 2010 EDT

will be donating!

Posted at 3:33pm Jun 19, 2010 EDT

I will be donating and would like to be part of the team. Thanks so much

Posted at 3:40pm Jun 19, 2010 EDT

am thinking of some items that owulod work well, sign my up for part of the team!

Posted at 3:41pm Jun 19, 2010 EDT

ANSMV says

Big thanks to BanjoBaySoaps and tcbaskets14 for joining the team and supporting the cause.

Posted at 3:47pm Jun 19, 2010 EDT