PLEASE - stop correcting my spelling!!

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Original Post

debs102 says

I know you are probably only trying to be helpful those people who have frequently brought this up in my store and on my blog since I have launched it - I know it is meant in good faith...

... but I'm from the UK (Welsh actually - don't say English...) and words are frequently spelt differently over here to you guys over in the US of A sometimes, and though I do understand you may not have seen jewellery for example, or customise, or colour - or any of the other 100's of words I've been using spelled like this before - they aren't spelled wrong, we just spell them differently...

I know, its a bit odd to you I suppose - but I like spelling my own way (Even dropping in a bit of Wenglish at times) and difference is GOOD - so PLEASE - I'm happy if you point out a genuine spelling gaff - but not every small difference in my use of English to yours - it is really getting me down!



Posted at 4:29pm Jun 21, 2010 EDT


OldNowNew says

Why not post this on your blog?

Posted at 4:31pm Jun 21, 2010 EDT

So sorry Debs that you're having this problem! I'm interested to hear some Wenglish I love Welsh accents, probably from watching Torchwood. Hope you stop getting the spelling "corrections"!

Posted at 4:31pm Jun 21, 2010 EDT

Wow, can't believe people do that.

Posted at 4:33pm Jun 21, 2010 EDT

I know where you're coming from. I moved here from England and it was really hard getting used to American english. I still get annoyed sometimes when my spellcheck tells me I'm spelling something incorrectly when I'm using the REAL English. :)

Posted at 4:33pm Jun 21, 2010 EDT

Yeah....don't look at this as an opportunity to educate others about different cultures...just get annoyed. Come to the forums....much more affective than your blog (where it's happening).

I once asked someone why they spelled it "jewellery". I'm so happy she answered me kindly and wasn't annoyed. I like learning new things, and some are kinder about teaching.

Posted at 4:35pm Jun 21, 2010 EDT

Yeah, I mean anyone would think we invented the language or something... ;)

Posted at 4:35pm Jun 21, 2010 EDT

debs102 says

I didn't mean it nastily, I'm dyslexic and am finding it really getting me down - I only launched the blog a few days ago so it's mostly in my shop hence why I posted it here...

Shouldn't have said anything. sorry everyone :/

@soulsongcreations - if you like torchwood then you'll have heard a lot of wenglish already - that's filmed about a mile or so away from my house...

Posted at 4:39pm Jun 21, 2010 EDT

I've seen threads here about this very thing. The majority of the people said they would want to be told if someone sees a mistake. You might want to put on note on your blog, etc.

Posted at 4:41pm Jun 21, 2010 EDT

and see i can't type. haha

Posted at 4:42pm Jun 21, 2010 EDT