FREE Promotion for your favorite ORANGE Item !!

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Original Post

Its ORANGE week at Craftomania Toolbar*!!

Sellers that will comment* (copy paste from below) with an ORANGE item that has the fire of Craftomania will be promoted free with our menu button that links directly to the item from the toolbar.

DON'T forget the Category (see example below)!!

For more information on Craftomania Toolbar for Etsy Users:

Go ahead, Craftomanians! I'm On Fire !!!

Feedbacks are very welcome, keep it Fun!
The Craftomania Tools Team

****** Comments should appear in this form: ******
<Item Name> By <Shop name>
<Item direct LINK>
<Anything that comes to mind> (this one is not mandatory :))

Stolen from Peter Jackson's closet
Mount doom fire rock with matching ring (Safety instructions included) By TheMadScientist

More on Craftomania Site:

I don't know the future. I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it's going to begin… Where we go from here is a choice I leave to you…
(Neo, the Matrix)

FREE Orange Promotion: The Color of Craftomania!

Hello Craftomanians!!
It seems like only yesterday I joined Etsy and shortly after, started the Craftomania Tools Team. I met many new friends and Craftomanians and together, we hunted, we treasured, we promoted, we SCREADMED, we crafted, and most importantly kept it Fun!

This ORANGE FREE Promotion marks the turning point for our little endeavor, the new look is the final one! (For now ;-D ). Craftomania has defined her look, her color, and most importantly, her vision and audience: Crafty women dedicated to share the love!

Now is the time to SCREAM the loudest!!!! Now everyone is watching and it is our time to shine! Shine with a fire of creativity and joyfulness, spreading the love like never before!!!
Scream your lungs out Craftomanians!! We can hear you :)

Posted at 10:05am Jun 27, 2010 EDT


here is my orange and I sell alot of them!

Posted at 10:08am Jun 27, 2010 EDT

This is a cute orange floral dress for little girl from Vivy's Closet:

Posted at 10:32am Jun 27, 2010 EDT

dicarlos says

I'm making an "Orange You Glad" treasury, if you want to post your item on my page too:

Posted at 10:33am Jun 27, 2010 EDT

Robot Thanks Tags by JessMadeThis
Thanks for looking!

Posted at 10:34am Jun 27, 2010 EDT

I just love making these Orange Melon Seed Bead Hoop Earrings while sipping Green Tea :)

Posted at 10:39am Jun 27, 2010 EDT