Cubanero Peppers

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Original Post

Morrigan says

Anyone have recipe ideas or links? I just picked 3 from my garden today.

Posted at 12:31pm Jun 27, 2010 EDT


How hot are they? I say salsa, or stuff them with cheddar cheese or cream cheese and bake.

Posted at 12:39pm Jun 27, 2010 EDT

Morrigan says

Well what I've seen so far seems to indicate that you can substitute them for green peppers or Jalopenos. The Internets are failing me at this point.

Posted at 12:42pm Jun 27, 2010 EDT

seb8351 says

I think the best thing to do is to taste one. Once you know how hot they are, you'll better be able to decide what to do with them.

Posted at 12:44pm Jun 27, 2010 EDT

Morrigan says

Ok, Bing search engine is at least giving me a little more info.

Posted at 12:44pm Jun 27, 2010 EDT

And, since they can vary so much not only from pepper to pepper, but inside a single pepper so much, I would take a nibble from the bottom (where peppers have the least heat) and then again closer to the top & stem.

Cubaneros can be like a green pepper at the bottom and a jalepeño at the top.

Stuffed cubaneros are yummy!

Posted at 12:48pm Jun 27, 2010 EDT

Morrigan says

Strawberry! Ok, that gives me an idea of how to treat it. Thank you.

Posted at 12:49pm Jun 27, 2010 EDT

For sure!

My tomatoes, basil, and dill are going gangbusters, our peppers? Not so much. I'm jealous! Hope dinner tastes great.

Posted at 12:50pm Jun 27, 2010 EDT

Morrigan says

The tomatoes are teasing me; big, and green - not ripe yet. Basil is going nuts (I have Genovese, Thai, and Purple). Cucumbers and beans are coming out of my armpits. Anyone in Maryland need cukes, I can hook ya up :)

Posted at 12:53pm Jun 27, 2010 EDT

I love Cubaneros. Not growing any this year. I would pickle them or throw them on a sandwich.

I'm going to do a small batch of ginger pickled shishito peppers today. We have been picking our sunsugar cherry tomatoes every day. Wish I was closer, I would take you up on those cukes and then return the favour next month!

Posted at 1:11pm Jun 27, 2010 EDT