7 Card Draw … WIN UP TO 7 ACEO’s … JULY 2010

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Original Post

✿ DARE TO BE INSPIRED as you create ACEOs ✿

Need some inspiration. Want to have some fun. Well you’ve come to the right place.

Please be kind and do not spam the thread.

Join the 7 Card Draw and…
• you will be inspired to create ACEOs from great challenges!
• you could potentially WIN up to 7 ACEOs in the monthly drawing!

What is an ACEO ?
ACEO stands for “Art Cards, Editions and Originals” – They measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches and can be any medium. More information can be found here en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artist_trading_cards


You can issue 1 challenge a day and answer as many challenges each day as you want.

You can list your ACEO’s in your shop and can sell or trade your cards until a winner is chosen and at that time, the prize ACEO’s will be reserved for that person.

To add one ACEO or more to the current month’s prize pool, please use 7 Card Draw in your title. You may add any ACEO to the pool, it does not have to be for one of the challenges. Challenges are only to inspire us.

Search “7 card draw” in the forums each month for a new thread. Be sure to use quotation marks.

Each month a new thread will begin on the 1st day of the month and the winner will be announced on the last day of that month.

To win you must have contributed one or more ACEO’s to the current month's prize pool AND also be an active participant in that months thread. Also we ask that you drop by the thread or check your convo’s on the last day of the month to see if you are a winner, this will help eliminate the potential issue of unclaimed prizes.

The next month the pool resets, all ACEO’s revert back to the artists. You have the option of adding the ACEO to the pool again if you wish, adding a different ACEO to the pool, or not participating.

Participating artists are eligible. Once you've won, you may not win again for the next 3 months (For example, if you win in May, you can not win again until September)

The winner will search Etsy for “7 card draw” - Please make sure to use quotations. “7 card draw” must be in the title for it to be a potential prize.

The Winner chooses 7 ACEO’S as their prize and will convo alwaysartistic with links to their choices. If the winner does not claim the ACEO’s within 14 days, those ACEO’s will revert back to the shop owners. No winner will be chosen, we will look ahead to the next winner. This ensures that we start fresh every month.

Posted at 1:49am Jul 1, 2010 EDT


leepierce says

Good Morning ALL!

Happy Canada Day!

So very far behind :( Have been meaning to update my website for months and have been unable to access it with all the changes at comcast. DH did it with front page and now we have some other program but I know NOTHING about it.

So I plunked around with the "built in" site builder and wasted several hours to get something new up but it is far from pretty. Too structured for me and too many options I can't get rid of. I don't use it for anything except to refer to Etsy and my blog so I guess I have to relax and let go. ARGH! I love control :D

Am behind on a few art projects too what have I been doing?

My sister is driving herself down the east coast and while she does this, I don't sleep so well. Got hung up in construction in PA and didn't get as far into NC as desired. Means today will have lots of additional miles to cover. I am hoping she'll make it to Ft Lauderdale tonite.

So here's a Challenge: Summer Travel

My head is spinning with weird responses...got a few days to get it done. It's only the 1st...

Catch you later!

Posted at 10:21am Jul 1, 2010 EDT

Thank you Lee, Happy Canada Day to the Canadians also! :)

Oh no, don't you hate that! What built in site did you choose ? I am using GoogleSites for one of the websites I manage but it is hard to navigate.

I hope your sister can get to where she is going safely. Yes that is worrisome!


Posted at 11:29am Jul 1, 2010 EDT

ok this is a challenge that was issued on the old ACEO Bounty thread, but for the newcomers I am issuing it here as it is fun!

I have been wanting to try this again, my first try way back when did not turn out well! lol

Vegetable Stamping



Posted at 1:20pm Jul 1, 2010 EDT

Oh, I remember that, Pam...LOL

Lee hope your sister arrives safe and sound. I am sure she will.

Happy Canada Day and Congrats to Pink again. :)

Posted at 3:28pm Jul 1, 2010 EDT

Thank you Carole!

Posted at 3:40pm Jul 1, 2010 EDT

Just posted this in last month's thread and realized we're in July now ...

Hi everyone. I met a most of the other day when I posted here for the first time. Congratulations, Betty, on winning the contest! So how is the drawing done?

Posted at 9:25pm Jul 1, 2010 EDT

RaysOfGrace - Hi! The winner is a person who posted in the thread, I use a random number generator to draw a post #, the person who posted on that post # is the winner. I have an excel spreadsheet to keep track of which post is which!

Hope this makes sense! lol


Posted at 12:15am Jul 2, 2010 EDT

Happy Canada Day!

Congrats, Pink - doing the happy dance =)

ack. I am writing content for my first web page - I have a godaddy template stuck and I am going to have to call tech help to make it go away - I feel your pain, Lee! Praying for you sister to have safe travel!

Oh - I loved that challenge, Pam - and I didn't get it done last time! Woohoo - another chance =)

Happy new thread!

'night all - lol - I blogged and cleaned out email, and it kept me up late =p


and over 1000 emails =p

fried brain...

Posted at 2:21am Jul 2, 2010 EDT

Raedawn says

lee ~ sending good wishes for your sister

Pam ~ can you repost your link? It didn't come up for me, and I'd love to see it. Also, with the way that you pick the winners does everyone eventually get a chance?

Kathy ~ I love your Eyeore article, and the picture of the horse is beautiful.

Posted at 6:50am Jul 2, 2010 EDT