The Positivity Team - The Positive Thread for July

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Original Post

Happy, Happy July, Team Members!!! :)

It's a new month with all kinds of possibilities ahead!

Glad to see you here! We encourage team members to post regularly in the monthly thread. Here we get to know one another, share positivity, encourage one another and promote each other’s shops and listings. Even when you’re feeling a bit blue, pop on into the forum and find tons of positivity to cheer you up and get re-energized!

If you are having problems finding the Positive Thread, look in the Teams Topic, or search for "Positivity Team" in the search box.

Don't forget to check the Positivity Team blog often. This is where we will feature members and their shops, run contests, and promote each other and positivity in general.

The blog address is:

{If you are a new member, please begin tagging your shop items with “positivity team”. This is VERY IMPORTANT as it helps us find one another, promote one another, and create treasuries featuring each others’ items.}

If you would like to join the team or have any questions, feel free to contact any of the Positivity Team administrators: Lois from, Kate from, or Nickole from

Here's to a great month filled with positivity!!! :)

XO!, Kate

Posted at 8:02am Jul 1, 2010 EDT


HAPPY JULY, Team!!! I always look forward to the beginning of a new month!

Please welcome our newest team member, ElegantRoseBoutique!

Lois, Sorry about your terrible migraine!!! Glad you've gotten some RAIN! :)

Lynn, Yay for your husband having a couple days of work! This economy is really crazy right now. In the school system my husband works in, they've laid off teachers who have been teaching for 4 or 5 years now! :(

I awoke to 4 sales this morning . . . yippee!

Now I'm off to do a bit of Etsy and then continue getting ready for Cousin Camp {for my kids and niece & nephew} next week. Sewing up some cotton duck simple backpacks for each of them and water bottle slings today. Plus getting things together for craft projects, etc. I'm afraid I might be a bit MIA next Tuesday through Thursday.

What are your plans for today???

Posted at 8:39am Jul 1, 2010 EDT

Good Morning and Happy July to you to Kate!

today i need to run into town to bug the guys at the repair place about my lawn mower part. My GRASS will be knee high by the 4th of July ... already me and my pooches have to wade across the grass.

I may even grout today. Maybe.

Post a few new items. Maybe even a mirror.

And i will try to post my floral item on the blog today.


Posted at 8:49am Jul 1, 2010 EDT

A quick announcement:

At the end of August we will be running a Positivity Team Giveaway on the blog. If you are interested in participating in this by donating an item to give away, will you please convo me at:

Thanks! :)

Posted at 8:54am Jul 1, 2010 EDT

Happy Thursday!!

Congrats on 4 sales, Kate! That's awesome!! And welcome to ElegantRose!

Didn't get my anklet listed last night - after walking the dogs (yay to it finally being cool enough!), watering the garden, laundry, and filling the bird feeders, I was out of time and energy. Did manage to get 4 couch pillows stuffed and sewn shut. Ooh.

Today I WILL list that anklet! And start working on my flower item, I have a few ideas percolating on that.

Have a great day!

Posted at 9:38am Jul 1, 2010 EDT

I completely forgot about it being July when I posted on the old thread....d'oh

I'm now all bereft as i've somehow lost my treasured tailor's thimble. I've searched high and low and really really wish I could find it, as I've had it for 24 years now. I've ordered another couple just now, but I really really want my original back! The only thing that I can think of is that it's been played with by the cats and rolled somewhere, although I normally stand it on a strong magnet so they can't do that...but with my head the other night, there's no telling where it is. I'll probably find it in the fridge lol.

Off to finish off my flower design for the team challenge, without my trusty thimble. It feels so strange sewing without it!


Posted at 9:57am Jul 1, 2010 EDT

Happy July!!!

Congrats Kate on your 4 sales... WOW!

Today I am going to take life a little slower. I was up until 3 AM last night working on some software for someone and in a total panic when I couldn't get it to work. I finally did but today I am wiped. whew!!!

I keep trying to make an anklet with the theme "flowers". So far my attempts have been unsuccessful. Taking some time today to slow down and "smell the flowers" I think will yield better results. I hope... (-:

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Posted at 10:14am Jul 1, 2010 EDT

Emburr says

Happy July! Happy Canada Day too.

Congrats on sales.

Posted at 11:15am Jul 1, 2010 EDT

Just checking in ... my wee one and I are both home and under the weather :( On the bright side, I'm sure we'll both be better by the long weekend. I'd rather be sick now.

Posted at 2:31pm Jul 1, 2010 EDT

Hi everyone! I look forward to participating in this thread! Thanks for the welcome!

Posted at 9:58pm Jul 1, 2010 EDT