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Original Post

Let me point out that I am posting this under a different Etsy account so there are no calling out issues...

I recently received negative feedback from a purchase that was made back in March. The item was shipped to Canada and I assumed everything was ok since I never heard anything back. Most of my buyers sign up with Etsy to purchase my pieces so a lot of them are not familiar with the feedback system.

I sent a message immediately letting them know I was sorry if anything was wrong, asking what it is they were dissatisfied with and asking what I could do to rectify the situation.

The response back was basically that they did not fully read the description and thought the item would be made from solid wood instead of a combination of plaster and wood. Let me also say that my pieces are priced below $200 and are VERY large. They also said that for the price of the piece they weren't happy with what they got. Since the purchase of this piece I have actually raised my prices and still get a lot of sales with not one complaint abut quality, etc.

I sent a message back apologizing again and offering a partial refund since the piece was a custom order and I clearly state in my shop that I do not offer refunds on custom pieces unless it is defective. Also, they admitted that they didn't read the description as well as saying that they "probably should have asked more questions".

The message I got back basically stated that they would like a full refund and in that case they would change their feedback, depending on what I did about refunding the shipping for them to ship it back from Canada which would cost me over $50.

I hate the negative feedback, especially since I have worked very hard for over a year to build a successful shop, but I kind of feel like I am being extorted here :)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry for the novel!

Posted at 9:52am Jul 1, 2010 EDT


bomobob says

You must declare all your identities in all your accounts, so in fact, it is calling out...or at least should be.

Posted at 9:53am Jul 1, 2010 EDT

If the feedback is that important to you, I guess I would offer the full refund, but only upon the return of the item. There's no way I would give them a $200 item for free. Personally, I would probably just take the bad feedback rather than accept a return on a custom item.

Posted at 9:54am Jul 1, 2010 EDT

this is a private matter between seller and customer and etsy, if you wish to involve them. and BTW- having another acct, you are required to disclose each in each other acct. and yes, buying and selling accts. both have to be disclosed

Posted at 9:54am Jul 1, 2010 EDT

whimsypics says

I would take the negative.

Posted at 9:55am Jul 1, 2010 EDT

Sorry, I didn't know I was supposed to disclose all of my accounts...

Posted at 9:57am Jul 1, 2010 EDT

Patchtique says

Discussing individual transactions is always calling out.

Anyway, tough choice you have to make. Good luck.

Posted at 9:57am Jul 1, 2010 EDT

i'd pay for the return shipping & then give a full refund upon it's arrival back to your studio... write it off as a loss.
*these things happen*

Posted at 9:58am Jul 1, 2010 EDT

I'd give the full refund and pay the price for shipping. That's just me though, so you don't have to follow my advice. I like it when the customer is happy, and I don't feel okay withholding any of the payment even if work is involved, if they're not happy.

Posted at 10:00am Jul 1, 2010 EDT

SnuggyBaby says

The thread will get shut down, which is a shame as you just want some advice. There is no way to see the shop you are talking about, but how much feedback do you have? Will one negative really hurt? Absolutely su cks and is upsetting, but if you are being unfairly held hostage.....

This is the reason a seller should be able to make a response as an explanation on bad feedback, there is no way for a seller to make any comment at all.

Very flawed system.

There will no be a long list of posters pointing out all the ways you broke the rules......

Posted at 10:00am Jul 1, 2010 EDT