Createability Team Chat thread JULY 2010

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Original Post

The Createability Team is a group of Etsy sellers with disabilities or who are caregivers to disabled people. The team exists to provide support and advice to each other, as well as opportunities to chat and promote!

Find us all by searching for the team tag "Createability Team"

More information about the team here:

our blog, maintained by

Flickr group, run by admin

To join the team, please contact ME at

old thread was here, if you need to catch up!

Posted at 2:59pm Jul 1, 2010 EDT


Ooo, I'm first.

Posted at 3:30pm Jul 1, 2010 EDT

congrats! :)

Posted at 3:50pm Jul 1, 2010 EDT

I'm gonna start charging for my Gimp Tutorials... probably not, but I should.

Posted at 4:09pm Jul 1, 2010 EDT

that is a good plan, berryblue. If you don't, you could always do a blog entry or a forum thread, so that it drives traffic to you. I've had people tell me I should offer SEO/GA tutorials for $, but so far offering them for free in the forum has been profitable. I got a sale from the feature in Etsy Success, for example, and it drives traffic to my Flickr, which will hopefully get me a page rank there soon.

Posted at 4:18pm Jul 1, 2010 EDT

I might do that one of these days, Cindy. There are some good tutorials all over the web, I just try to tweak mine to Etsy Specific things like banners and avatars. I have 3 students so far. I might start a new blog with just the tutorials at some point.

Posted at 4:27pm Jul 1, 2010 EDT

a lot of sellers put these things up on their regular blogs, to get the blogs traffic & a higher ranking. It is usually considered a bad thing to only post about your shop or other shops - you want good content on your blog that people will put up links to. Then when you get more traffic to the blog it also helps promote your shop.

I've done a few tutorials & lists for the Alberta Team blog & am in the process of writing one for the SASsy team.

Posted at 4:47pm Jul 1, 2010 EDT

I've got a mix of personal and business stuff on my blog. Guess I could just add some more pages with the tutorials.

Posted at 5:00pm Jul 1, 2010 EDT

beth you should start selling your gimp tutorial in your shop.

my husband just opened his etsy shop

i just want to do it all for him instead of being kind and explaining it over and over...

Posted at 5:08pm Jul 1, 2010 EDT