Hello?? It's the 4th of July, FP ??

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Original Post

aosLeather says

a few days ago it was Canada Day - I really enjoyed all of the wonderful Canada-themed FP layouts that day.. Yay Canada.

Today is the 4th of July, America's birthday... I was very much looking forward to some red, white & blue on the FP today.

um... lovely FP right now, no lie... but not what i expected. Not.

Happy B-day, USA, from me, at least.

Posted at 10:51am Jul 4, 2010 EDT


loopyboopy says

uh, it's only 10:00 am here. Thinking we'll see a few before the day is out:)

Posted at 10:53am Jul 4, 2010 EDT

Maybe later?

Posted at 10:54am Jul 4, 2010 EDT

aosLeather says

lol - nearly 11:00 here, loopy.. guess patience isn't my virtue today ;-)

Posted at 10:54am Jul 4, 2010 EDT

I was curious about that too. There have been a lot of themed treasuries.

Posted at 10:54am Jul 4, 2010 EDT

McIsaacArt says

Perhaps it happened yesterday?

Posted at 10:59am Jul 4, 2010 EDT

lilbitty says

Interesting...I was wondering yesterday if they would change the page today too.

Posted at 11:00am Jul 4, 2010 EDT

Kinda wondered about all of this too. I fact one this page, they still are celebrating Canada:


Posted at 11:01am Jul 4, 2010 EDT

that is true 8am here, have not seen anything. happy 4th. looking forward to some fireworks

Posted at 11:02am Jul 4, 2010 EDT

I would think red, white and blue would be all over the front page. Hmmmmm.

Posted at 11:03am Jul 4, 2010 EDT