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Original Post

markdiller says

Is there a way to handle local pickup as a delivery option while taking posted shipping costs into consideration? For a while, I considered shipping in the price of the item and left the U.S. shipping at $0.00. That helps for those who are local and don't want to pay for shipping. However, that could also be a negative for shoppers' first impressions. It would be nice to have a "local pickup" option under the country list so the seller could select that as a regional shipping option and put it at Free if they chose. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks! Mark

Posted at 6:51pm Jul 7, 2010 EDT


I would think anyone interested in picking up locally would convo you and ask. I've certainly done this, the customer just paid cash or check.

Use caution if you take paypal for a local pickup. It means the buyer could pickup your item, then go home and file an "Item Not Received" dispute with paypal. They would be refunded out of your account since you have no delivery confirmation to prove to paypal the buyer got it.

Posted at 6:55pm Jul 7, 2010 EDT

Most of my people who pick up items don't go through Etsy to get them!! They just contact me!!

Posted at 6:56pm Jul 7, 2010 EDT

if you should get a local buyer wanting to pick up -- you can just ask for cash at time of pickup and manually mark it as paid on etsy

or send a revised paypal invoice omitting the shipping charge
or refund the shipping amount if they have already paid

Posted at 6:56pm Jul 7, 2010 EDT

I agree it would be nice to have local pick up option. I just refunded a lady in cash the shipping cost. But like Jeridiehard, most locals just come over to my house and most want custom orders.

Posted at 6:58pm Jul 7, 2010 EDT

purplmama says

I would put that in your announcements, since it's not possible to choose more than one shipping profile at a time. Offer to refund their shipping or make a reserved listing for them, with the shipping taken out. The reserved listing would require you to make a "local" shipping option, with the amount put to 0.

Posted at 6:58pm Jul 7, 2010 EDT

prairiedog says

I've done this before. When I bought something I just contacted the seller and asked if I could pick it up, and they actually hand-delivered it to me free of charge.

Once I even had a buyer who didn't realize I lived in the same town and only about 3 house down from her. I just dropped it in her mail box and refunded the shipping through paypal.

As most people on Etsy pay with Paypal, it would be very difficult to judge whether someone was being unscrupulous. I would just feel it out. I've never had a problem, though. Just check their feedback.

Also, since there isn't a shipping option for local pick-up, you could just mention it in your listings.

Posted at 6:59pm Jul 7, 2010 EDT

purplmama says

Oh, Felted, you make a GREAT POINT!! I hadn't thought of that!

Posted at 7:00pm Jul 7, 2010 EDT

azek2000 says

when I advertise on facebook, which is mostly 90% friends and family I always say free local delivery, they rarely ever order thru etsy.

Posted at 7:03pm Jul 7, 2010 EDT

If you ever decide to put "O" for shipping..anyone can purchase it in the USA and check out via PayPal, and you will be obligated to send it and absorb the Shipping Fee yourself. Just mention that you will not charge a Shipping Fee for Local pick up in your *Shop Policies*(actually that is quite rare.)

Posted at 7:11pm Jul 7, 2010 EDT