"ItEm Of ThE dAy" Great Value Promotion! Jul 11th Buyers & Sellers Welcome

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Original Post

naturepoet says:
Hi folks! Thanks for the great participation so far. Just to re-cap for those that are new to this concept:

To join the ItEm Of ThE dAy movement
1) Choose only 1 item from your shop to offer at an amazing deal just for the day.
2) Post it here
3) Post it in your shop announcement and anywhere else you can to spread the word.
4) The next day replace the offer with a new item.

Since it’s a major promotional offer, I like to emphasize to my customers that it’s a random “One Time Offer” and it expires at 11pm EST.

The idea is to promote daily traffic to your shop by having a simple yet enticing promotion every single day. Like anything, it takes a little time to build momentum but I have noticed positive results.

ChristineMarieFord.etsy.com (List Manager)
Naturepoet.etsy.com (List Manager)
sophinegiam.etsy.com , Uxcritter.etsy.com, lucymoonglow.etsy.com (helpers)

Please do not change or post the list unless you are a manager or helper. These include Christine, Naturepoet as managers. Sophine,Ux and Lucymoonglow as helpers. Thank you so much.

Chose an Item of the Day to promote, post here and someone will add it to the list. Only 1 item per day unless it sells, which means you can replace it with something else. Please add a link to the Item of the Day in your shop announcements as well as a link back to this thread

Thank you very much and let's keep promoting

.♥.•*`*•♫.•´*.¸.•´♥ Sales To Date 180.•*¨`*•♫.•´*.¸•´

Posted at 11:03pm Jul 10, 2010 EDT


naturepoet says:
Thank you, lilkt. Updating tomorrow's list now

Sophine, please add these to tomorrow's list

lucymoonglow says:
Zipper Clutch - Cosmetic Case; Was $11.00...Today $7.50
tbklover says:
Was $20 Now Only $16
naturepoet says:
Ceramic Tile WOLF coasters
Were $12. Now Only $9.
lilkt384 says:
Noah's Ark Vintage Bracelet 50% OFF
Was $14, Today $7

Posted at 11:03pm Jul 10, 2010 EDT

Item of the day for MissyKay625.etsy.com

Silky Printz Rosebud patwork fabric

Was 5.00 yd.
Now 2.00 yd.
That's 60% OFF!!!


Item of the day for MissyPhay625.etsy.com

CUTE Green butterfly necklace-Childrens

Was 5.50
NOW 2.20
that's 60% OFF!!


Posted at 11:04pm Jul 10, 2010 EDT

go get my item, brb ;D

Posted at 11:04pm Jul 10, 2010 EDT

My Item of The Day:

The Guardian Angel
price reduced 50%
regular: $28.00
now: $14.00 (until 11pm EST 7-11-2010)

Posted at 11:09pm Jul 10, 2010 EDT

Item of the day:

Outdoor decorative pillow blue with palm leaves
FREE shipping

Posted at 11:11pm Jul 10, 2010 EDT

here's mine:

ItEm Of ThE DaY for 11 Jul
Fonger vintage blossom bracelet
Was $10 now $5
One time offer expires 11 Jul 11pm EST!

Thanks for looking!

Posted at 11:11pm Jul 10, 2010 EDT

Thank you everyone, updating list now ;D

Keep posting ;D

Posted at 11:12pm Jul 10, 2010 EDT

lilkt384 says

Thanks Sophine!

Posted at 11:13pm Jul 10, 2010 EDT

naturepoet says

Thank you, Sophine. Hope you have a great day. We had some new shops on the thread today and sales were good.

Posted at 11:14pm Jul 10, 2010 EDT