Attaching crochet to fabric without sewing

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Original Post

I am thinking ahead to future projects and keep trying to figure out how to attach crochet to fabric without sewing it.

I've seen where people take small crochet hooks and pierce the fabric drawing the loops through and then finishing off the piece, but it is using T-shirt material where the yarn is also made of cut T-shirting, so the rough edges are part of the charm.

What I'm trying to figure out is how to connect so that it all looks like one continuous flowing fabric without the rough edges. If you did use a tatting crochet hook, would it work? I suppose a trip to the thrift store to experiment might be in order...but if you know and would like to share your thoughts, I'd like to hear them.

Posted at 6:34 pm Jul 11, 2010 EDT


can you make a blanket stitch along the edge of the fabric and then hook the crochet into that? I've seen it done this way.

Posted at 6:55 pm Jul 11, 2010 EDT

I guess it really depends on the fabric and the project. Liquid stitch works great for non sewers but like I said it depends on the project.

Posted at 7:06 pm Jul 11, 2010 EDT

crochetgal says

I've used a small cutter to pierce holes in fabric so I can crochet on the edge.

Do you have a photo of what you are trying to do?

Posted at 7:33 pm Jul 11, 2010 EDT

Right now it is just a fleeting thought.

I do sew and serge, but I don't want that look...I think you guys have some good solutions. I've thought about cutting, but on some of those fraying types of fabrics that are sort of sheer but not, I'd worry about even handwashing over time that it would shred apart, which is why I was wondering if anyone has ever used a tatting crochet hook to "make" a hole in the fabric and if it worked. Especially if you used a silk or premium cotton yarn that was lightweight.

Salvation, I like the idea of a blanket stitch...clever thought. I could serge the edge then fold over and top stitch to add support/thickness and come back in very carefully with a blanket stitch possibly using a sharp yarn needle.

Crochetgal, I'm thinking of crocheting a bodice to end just at about the empire waist area and attaching it to fabric...something that flows, perhaps sheer with a pattern, something that could be worn over a tank or t-shirt.

I'll experiment with these ideas you gave me and see what comes of it. I sure hope I can help you out as much some time. Thanks.

Posted at 10:51 pm Jul 11, 2010 EDT

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