How should I display hats in my booth??

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Original Post

I'm doing my first craft show in a few months and am ironing out the details. I'm building my stock, have the tent and tables etc. I've got 3 foam heads and about 8 other 'hat stands' that are basically round forms on dowels spaced out at different heights along a long board.

My plan is to have each style hat displayed on one of the stands/heads and then have the stock in front of the display. My problem is coming up with a way to 'store' the stock without them just laying out on the table. I've thought of laying them in rows along trays or in shallow boxes or baskets like you'd store photos in. I want it to be tidy but still interesting and easy for customers to see the product.

Any suggestions?

I'm planning on having wood word cutouts (CREATE, DREAM AND LAUGH) with ribbons attached to display my hair clips as well as 2 of those cheap dorm style door mirrors..these will be hanging along one of the supports of the tent.

Anything else I haven't thought of?

Thanks for the tips!

Posted at 1:35 pm Jul 13, 2010 EDT


any advise is welcome! Just think about what you'd like to see.

Also, should I sort them like the stores do with all like style hats together and in order from smallest to largest or should I sort them by size and have all the same size together, regardless of style?

So many decisions! lol

Posted at 1:43 pm Jul 13, 2010 EDT

help help! :D

Posted at 1:53 pm Jul 13, 2010 EDT

Nobody has any ideas?

Posted at 3:06 pm Jul 13, 2010 EDT

Hi Cortney, we use many display items from those glass heads you can get at Pier 1, to a couple of hat trees, gridwall with hat hooks.....we have also used empty bottles, antique hand drills (the kind with the door knob on the end) and a fallen tree branch the we cemented into a planter to make a table top hat tree.
Varied heights helps alot, and try to use more of your tent space, not just a table in the middle of it, and good luck with your first show!

Posted at 3:13 pm Jul 13, 2010 EDT

Hi Cortney,
I'm always looking for ideas too. My DH made my simple set up from wood and copper tubing:
I also have some hat stands made from the tubing with a styrofoam ball on top like the big one in the picture but at tabletop size.
Have a great time!

Posted at 3:23 pm Jul 13, 2010 EDT

Thank you both :) I'm very excited for this big adventure! You don't realize how much planning goes into though until you do one!!!

Posted at 3:42 pm Jul 13, 2010 EDT

If I were shopping through your booth I would prefer to have all the same sizes together and then organized by color as well... I have a small head and it's frustrating to put on lots of hats that won't fit. :) I hope that's helpful. Have fun!

Posted at 4:01 pm Jul 13, 2010 EDT

Thank you, that does help! I am going to have tags on them all with the sizes listed, as well as a posted size chart (its mostly all baby/toddler and child sizes) but didn't know whether to throw them together by size or my style!

Posted at 4:04 pm Jul 13, 2010 EDT

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