To the powers that be "How resellers actually cost Etsy money"

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Yay team!
Here's to real people
and honesty!

Posted at 1:13am Jul 20, 2010 EDT

OldieButGoodie says:
If they do...I will print out my posts and EAT my words and take photos and post them for you.
lol. as much as i would crack up at seeing the photos, i don't think you have to worry about having to really do this.

Posted at 1:13am Jul 20, 2010 EDT

agree and those of us who take time to make things like I do in my OTHER shop can NOT compete pricewise with resellers...please get them off etsy..when I brag about etsy and promote it I always say with pride-vintage AND beautiful HANDMADE things

Posted at 1:15am Jul 20, 2010 EDT

ethora says

So true, and I witnessed the scenario you spell out in real life a few weeks ago:

My friend needed a travel bag for an upcoming trip, so I suggested she try Etsy. She found the perfect bag, at an awesome price, but then figured out it is made in a factory overseas (she's a smart lady). Needless to say, she did not buy the bag and is now pretty over the idea of Etsy.

How can I change her mind if resellers are indeed here to stay? :(

Posted at 1:17am Jul 20, 2010 EDT

Round of applause!

Posted at 4:26am Jul 20, 2010 EDT


Posted at 5:22am Jul 20, 2010 EDT

WIAPilot says

Great post, but as much as I love etsy - I feel it has long since compromised with resellers as well as customer service to both their buyers AND their sellers!

Posted at 5:53am Jul 20, 2010 EDT

When your morals get compromised, it's hard for people to trust you!! Etsy~~is that what you want??

Posted at 6:17am Jul 20, 2010 EDT

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