How to shrink photo's to fit scrabble tiles??

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Original Post

ctruelove says

I am having a hard time shrinking the pictures to fit scrabble tile pendants, and still having good quality!! Does anyone have any suggestions on this topic??? Please help..... What are some good editing programs that are free? I have Picasa, but I'm not sure how to shrink the entire photo without croping most of the picture out!

Posted at 12:46 pm Jul 21, 2010 EDT


cineloh says

Use Gimp it's free and easy and you can find tutorials online.

Posted at 12:52 pm Jul 21, 2010 EDT

bomobob says

You first need to crop your photo to the correct proportions if it's a rectangle you want in the end. Then you simply resize the image to fit the tile. Keep in mind you have to think in inches rather than pixels. If your software lets you, set the dpi to 300 when you resize.

Posted at 12:54 pm Jul 21, 2010 EDT

vickstress says

I do mine in Word 2007 on my pc.

I open a blank document, then click "insert" and then "picture" to browse my computer files for a photo. When you find it, click on the photo and then click "insert."

Next, I click the photo and a new menu appears at the top of the page called "Picture Tools." An example of what comes next: You typically start with a large image such as 8" x 6" - crop to an 8" x 4" - click off photo to exit crop mode then grab the small circle on one corner and pull in to shrink it to 2" x 1" for a domino. Or, start with 5" x 7" - crop away the background to just the subject or the face, to a square such as 4" x 4" - then click off the photo to exit ccrop mode and shrink to 1" x 1" for a tiny pendant or charm.

Who knows, this may help someone else later in the thread, even if you don't have the same program?

Good luck!

Posted at 1:25 pm Jul 21, 2010 EDT

Hmm. Different.

Posted at 1:30 pm Jul 21, 2010 EDT

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