/l.php...FACEBOOK? What does this mean?

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Original Post

When I click in Google Analytics on Referring sites and then on Facebook I get a lot of these: /l.php
But when I click on it to take me to the site, facebook says it can't find the page.

So what is /l.php?
Is it a private account?

Posted at 12:47 pm Jul 21, 2010 EDT


Help me out here.

Posted at 12:49 pm Jul 21, 2010 EDT

This must be sooo simple that everybody knows already.
Except ME!

Posted at 12:56 pm Jul 21, 2010 EDT

LaurieRyan says

ah man no one responded yet? i don't have a clue

Posted at 12:57 pm Jul 21, 2010 EDT

LaurieRyan says


Posted at 12:58 pm Jul 21, 2010 EDT

Nope! Thank you for responding!

Posted at 12:58 pm Jul 21, 2010 EDT

PHP is a type of computer language used to make programs and sometimes web pages. It's similar to .html at the end of a page address.

Posted at 1:06 pm Jul 21, 2010 EDT

Tangentine says

Nope, was hoping for someone else to respond as well. I had no idea based on data.

I had a quick search around: www.google.de/search?hl=en&client=firefox-a&hs=uhI&rls=org.mozilla%...

It looks like the l.php is used if you leave facebook to follow a link.

Hope that helps.


Posted at 1:06 pm Jul 21, 2010 EDT

That just means the traffic came from Facebook. There's no way to tell in Google Analytics the profile name.

But, above that /l.php, choose the dropdown - here you can see the City and some other info about your Facebook traffic. Very useful, in my experience.

Posted at 1:12 pm Jul 21, 2010 EDT

Unfollow username?

Are you sure you want to stop following this person?