right side of fleece fabric

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Original Post

Im quite confused with how can you tell what is the right and wrong side of solid colored fleece fabric? I have looked at 2 different sites that one says if you stretch the fabric, the side it curls to is the right side. The other is a tutorial and it says it will curl to the wrong side of the fabric. anyone know?

Posted at 11:42am Jul 23, 2010 EDT


the side that looks almost like felt (perfectly flat, even blending and texture) is usually the wrong side.

some fleece is double sided, so don't go crazy looking for the right side!

Posted at 1:32pm Jul 23, 2010 EDT

deetsy says

If you can't tell, just pick a side and stay consistent :) Some fleece the "right" and "wrong" sides are virtually identical.

Posted at 1:58pm Jul 23, 2010 EDT

I have a book by Nancy Cornwell that says:

Fleece pulled along the cut edge on the crossgrain (the side with the most stretch) curls to the wrong side.

So it is the edge that opposes the selvage. It will make a difference on garments in the way they hang. Other uses may not matter - as deetsy says, stay consistent for no mismatches.

Posted at 6:28pm Jul 23, 2010 EDT

crochetgal says

Fleece will curl to the 'wrong' side.

But if you cannot tell and are not making garments, just be consistent!

Posted at 7:43pm Jul 23, 2010 EDT