Microwave Popcorn is Evil....

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Original Post

If for no other reason than I'm thoroughly addicted to it. I eat at least a bag a day.

Ever since I started WW and began chemo, I've cut out pretty much all of the bad cravings. I'm no longer drinking a gallon plus of milk per day, no longer eating candy bars, avoiding most ice cream save for slim-a-bear krunch bars, no more stacks of PBJ sandwiches when I've had a bad day...

The microwave popcorn is it. I usually alternate between Orville Redenbacher Light Movie Theater (1.5 WW points per bag) and Orville Redenbacher 94% fat free kettle corn (also 1.5 WW points per bag) and then treat myself once a week with my favorite: Pop Secret Movie-Theater Style!

Do you like microwave popcorn? What flavors do you like best? I'm tempted to try the spicy nacho, but it's much higher in points....

Posted at 12:42am Jul 28, 2010 EDT


I have had the spicy nacho. it was more like salsa flavored to me and less cheesy.

I like to add garlic powder to my popcorn

Posted at 12:43am Jul 28, 2010 EDT

I love microwave popcorn. I've never ventured out past butter and kettle corn. I do like making it from kernels and putting parmesan cheese on it.

Posted at 12:44am Jul 28, 2010 EDT

MP, I freaking LOVE microwave popcorn. My father and I are addicted as well. He buys jumbo boxes with a dozen bags or more. I know people are going to get up in this grill about how terrible it is for us, but damn. LOVE. IT.

Posted at 12:44am Jul 28, 2010 EDT

Salsa flavor could be yummy to me. :)

Hmmm... parmesan cheese. I'll have to try that. That shouldn't be too many points.

Posted at 12:45am Jul 28, 2010 EDT

I buy mine at costco

Posted at 12:45am Jul 28, 2010 EDT

hollygems says

Pop Secret Homestyle 100 calorie bag is where it's at! Just a hint of real butter and table salt. I lust for it- bigtime.

Posted at 12:46am Jul 28, 2010 EDT

hollygems says

And good for you, Keith! Sounds like you have made some really healthy changes! :)

Posted at 12:46am Jul 28, 2010 EDT

I used to like microwave popcorn but it was more of a passing thing. I much prefer stovetop or air popped.

I have one of these and LOVE it!


it's hands down the best ever! The popcorn comes out tasting like hot air popped. It's light and oh so good!

Posted at 12:47am Jul 28, 2010 EDT

blueditty says

I put ordinary popcorn in a bowl and nuke it.
then I drizzle olive oil on it & sprinkle it
with parmesan cheese.
It smells like stinky feet, but I love it anyway.

Posted at 12:48am Jul 28, 2010 EDT

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