Addressee Unknown how common is this?

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Original Post

Tumus says

I'm having a package returned to me because the Addressee was "unknown". Per USPS this means could mean two things the addressee never lived there or they left no forwarding address.

Being recently married I've been having mail delivered in both my maiden and married name just fine.

It's a cruddy feeling knowing that my package made it all the way to the destination and then was rejected :( The customer and I double checked her address to make sure it was right in both Paypal/Etsy and on the package and they match with the package perfectly.

Anyone else have this happened before?

Posted at 8:09 am Jul 28, 2010 EDT


I wonder if it is an error on the post offices end. I get mail all the time for my neighbors and the people who used to live at my house. I think they usually just drop the package off at the residence and pay less attention to the name on the package, at least that has been my experiance. I would try to send it again if you're sure the address is correct.

Posted at 8:13 am Jul 28, 2010 EDT

If you double checked with the buyer go to the post office and resend it out and see what happens. Are you sure you didn't transpose any numbers like the zip etc.

Posted at 8:21 am Jul 28, 2010 EDT

LaurieRyan says

at least you still have contact with the customer I never did

Posted at 8:23 am Jul 28, 2010 EDT

Tumus says

My customer is pretty sweet and got right back with me :) I didn't transpose any numbers because I use PayPal shipping for my labels. I had to take a comma out from the city's name but that certainly shouldn't have messed with the delivery of it. I did note that it was just the standard 4-digit zip w/o the extension. Though I still doubt that would have affected it's delivery.

Is there any way I could get the PO to send it back at their expense or is that wishful thinking? (hehe I'm guessing it's wishful)

I told my customer I'd expedite it back out to her as soon as I got my paws on it.

Posted at 8:33 am Jul 28, 2010 EDT

Tumus says

@JAM, yeah that's what I thought too. We get mail for past residences as well at our house.

In the "weirdest case scenario" unless the carrier is on a first name basis with the addressee and knows them personally I can't imagine the reason for the return.

Posted at 8:35 am Jul 28, 2010 EDT

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