What is doug1izaerwt3.cloudfront.net?

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juln says

Yeah it is, and I got a little more confused when there is nothing at cloudfront.net but a parked site.

Have you tried googling for cloudfront?

"Amazon CloudFront
Amazon CloudFront is a web service for content delivery. It integrates with other Amazon Web Services to give developers and businesses an easy way to ..."

It's basically a web host.

Posted at 10:16am Jul 30, 2010 EDT

I agree with Stellaknits. You guys are so tech savy. I have been having a terrible lag time for days. While I am typing a description or convo it freezes up on me for a bit.

Posted at 10:57am Jul 30, 2010 EDT

mikebritts says

Totally right. The "doug1izaerwt3" name certainly looks odd, but it's part of our kissmetrics implementation and unfortunately I don't think we have control over the naming.

This isn't a virus, spyware, or malware.

CloudFront is an web site delivery service, owned by Amazon. Even though this script is being served by an Amazon service, no data about your browser or visit on Etsy is being given to Amazon.

Posted at 12:44pm Jul 30, 2010 EDT

Paperika says

I've seen that too. Weird!

Posted at 12:46pm Jul 30, 2010 EDT

catbun says

eclipse, I would get freaked out a little if I noticed that first.

Posted at 1:07pm Jul 30, 2010 EDT

SanDesign says

So, why is it lagging pages?

Posted at 1:08pm Jul 30, 2010 EDT

eclipse says

Maybe the amazon servers hosting the script are running slow

Posted at 3:39pm Jul 30, 2010 EDT

sarantos says

I noticed cloudfront the other day and thought it was related to the kissmetrics thing. Glad my guess was right.

Posted at 6:04pm Jul 30, 2010 EDT

I just noticed this too and thought someone was hijacking my computer. Glad I found this post in google. Cant you guys name it something else?

Posted at 1:27pm Aug 20, 2010 EDT