Positivity Team thread for August

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Original Post

Happy August, Team Members!!! :)

It's a new month with all kinds of possibilities ahead.

Glad to see you here! We encourage team members to post regularly in the monthly thread. Here we get to know one another, share positivity, encourage one another and promote each other’s shops and listings. Even when you’re feeling a bit blue, pop on into the forum and find tons of positivity to cheer you up and get re-energized!

Don't forget to check the Positivity Team blog often. This is where we will feature members and their shops, run contests, and promote each other and positivity in general.

The blog address is: www.positivityteam.blogspot.com

If you are a new member, please begin tagging your shop items with “positivity team”. This is VERY IMPORTANT as it helps us find one another, promote one another, and create treasuries featuring each others’ items.

If you would like to join the team or have any questions, feel free to contact any of the Positivity Team administrators: Lois from Bluebelldesign.etsy.com, Kate from katesCottage2.etsy.com, or Nickole from HardLoveApparel.etsy.com

Here's to a great month filled with positivity!!!


Posted at 5:40am Aug 1, 2010 EDT


GOod MOrning Lois!

I am pleased to have begun Ausust with a BANG! 3 sales!

Posted at 7:00am Aug 1, 2010 EDT

Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Val is off to a roaring start!


Posted at 7:12am Aug 1, 2010 EDT

Where is everyone Lois? Asleep? at church? spending time witht their loved ones?

I have a show in less than 2 weeks. YIKES!

Posted at 1:04pm Aug 1, 2010 EDT

Karilan says

Hello everyone. :) I've just joined the team! I'm looking around the blog and adding the team to my tags, so I'll be lurking around here.

Posted at 5:25pm Aug 1, 2010 EDT

Just got my contest entry posted!! I have to go back and change the description a bit though - it has nothing to do with summer right now! That's what I get for copying it from another listing.


Posted at 7:00pm Aug 1, 2010 EDT

It's a fresh new week people! Monday morning has dawned and it's.............raining! The positive spin on this is that I don't have to water all my pots today :-)

I'm waiting on some supplies coming before I can finish off a new range of items for my shop. I'm really in love with this product, and am hoping that they'll sell - it's something smaller and less expensive than most of my items, so it might just be the kick start I need.

For the rest of today I'm making a bridesmaid dress out of the most glorious floral Liberty lawn, lined with ivory silk. These dresses are going to be truly unique!

So - happy Monday everyone!!


Posted at 4:43am Aug 2, 2010 EDT

Oh Lois! Did we get rain last night! And thunder and lightening! It is supposed to rain today, also. I won't need to water my plants, either.

Today I'll need to complete the three orders that I got yesterday and place them in the mail box. I'll also need to get some more Flat Rate Boxes.

Hopefully, I will also grout as I have a lantern and a mirror all masked off and ready.


Posted at 6:24am Aug 2, 2010 EDT

Lois, I think that your shop looks lovely. The new banner is very refreshing.

Posted at 6:25am Aug 2, 2010 EDT

Good Morning and happy start to a brand new week! I almost forgot it was August and went to the old July post, oops! lol Still working on more handmade items, it feels so good to get back to creating. I love my vintage shop but I really missed making items with my own two hands. Today that is exactly what I will be doing again. I hope we all get sales this week and lots of them! Have a wonderfully creative and positive day all! ~Lynn

Posted at 7:07am Aug 2, 2010 EDT