ETTEAM Etsy Treasury Team August 2010

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Original Post

For those who enjoy creating treasuries, clicking and commenting, and being in them too, check out the Etsy Treasury Team (ETTeam) website:

We are currently jurying a small number of new members who have the following well-made and well-photographed items: fine art, wood, candles, home decor, purses, items for men, and other unique item types not represented in our team.
NOT CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR - jewelry, children's clothing, and most knitted items.
Please go to our website and read more about
our team
before contacting
The ETTEAM Blog:

ETTEAM Treasury updates:

Poster Sketch:

Game Thread:

To locate members:
1. Check our yahoo group database: this list is updated immediately after a new member joins.
2. Check our blog: this list is updated immediately after a new member joins.
3. Search “All Items” on Etsy with our team tag (ETTEAM)
4. Check the Etsy team section:

Shop Critique Schedule:
August 8 – Carla, Wesbournegrove
August 22 –

How to click quickly on treasuries:
Right click on the tab with the treasury >Open in New Window
Hold down Ctrl and click each item.
Make comment.
Close window and go to next treasury and repeat.

Promotional Opportunities for Sellers:
Create and nominate a Treasury for Etsy's home page fitting July's curation themes in this Forum thread.

Stay Engaged in August
Our central merchandising topics this month will center around basking in the last days of summer and planning ahead for autumn. You'll find the extended list of topics we're excited to highlight below.
• Back to School: Wardrobe and decor updates: hints of plaid and light outerwear, functional furniture, dorm room solutions and essentials for a new or first apartment. Office and organizational supplies: journals, sketchbooks, portfolios, papers, writing utensils, pouches, backpacks, desks, storage solutions, and creative organizational concepts.
• Fall Fashion Preview: Textured thick fabrics and leather, outerwear, accessories, layering components, boots and chunky shoes, deep earth tones and rich color palettes. Classic autumn patterns and prints: houndstooth, plaid, polka-dots, florals, and pinstripes; statement jewelry and accessories.
• Intro to Harvest: Savoring the last bounties of the crop, storing and canning, references to the orchard, vineyard, ripening wines, and hints of autumn richness in the air.
• Full Halloween Preview: Introductions to Halloween themes as we gear up to promote this notoriously creative holiday. Early focuses will touch upon both playful and dark decor, costuming, DIY options, party planning, and the metaphysical side of the celebration.
• Bath, Beauty & Wellness: Skin and body treatments, activewear, meditation aids, and healthy options for mind and body conscious routines.
• Home Decor: Similar to the fashion world, autumn decor updates and renovations will debut in August. Woodland references, natural colors, rich fabrics, the hearth, and played-up textures.
• Weddings and Celebrations: Summery embellishments, last-minute details and gift options
• Peridot ,Leo (July 23 - August 23) Virgo (August 24 - September 23).

August Trend Forecast and Mainstays:
• Fashion Runway Report: Cargo and military styles, leopard and animal prints, faux furs, minimalistic gray and camel palettes, clean cuts, big silhouettes, a renewed bohemian style and the concept of over-the-top grandeur in the form of loud prints and big jewelry.
• The World in Sports: The U.S. Tennis Open Tournament at the end of the month will resurrect classic sports gear and tennis references.
• Halloween: Celebrity references, film and pop culture reinventions, clever costuming plays on words, pet costumes, group options, vampire themes, folk and vintage decor, photobooth props, and the classic color combinations (orange, black, yellow, white, red, green, purple).
• The Technical World: portable gadgets and how to accessorize them for function and style. Clever and luxurious plays on gadget cases/carriers and docking solutions for the iPad.
• The Industrial Home: Open floor plans and loft-like spaces accented with industrial era decor elements. That mix of minimalism, exposed beams, duct work, steel, wire, and glass bulbs lend to the modern-yet-rustic feel. Converted farm and factory machinery, railroad equipment, restaurant-ware, stage and commercial office lighting and re-imagining decor uses for salvaged materials from the past.
• Weekend at the River House: Camping, hiking, boating, fishing, and outdoor excursions. Vintage retro accessories mixed with modern gear and essentials.
• The County Fair: Circus and carnival themes, sideshow wonders, animals, bright colors and foods.
• Personalization: Custom names, initials, monograms, quotes, phrases, fingerprints, and numbers.
• Natural History: Nature, taxidermy, raw minerals and stones, feathers, foliage, claws, charts, diagrams, bones, antlers, and species.
• Color Trends: Punches of turquoise, richer earth tones, mustards, cranberry, muted greens, gray and camel solids. Patterns in leopard, bright geometric, houndstooth, pinstripes, and plaid.

Upcoming Dates to Remember
• August is known as National Golf, Peach, and Picnic month.
• August 1: Friendship Day
• August 1: Autumn Holiday (Ireland)
• August 11: Ramadan begins
• August 15: Liberation Day (Korea)
• August 15: India's Independence day
• August 16: Chinese Valentine's Day, also known as The Daughters Festival
• August 21: National Senior Citizens Day
• August 30 - September 12: U.S. Tennis Open Tournament
• August 31: Hari Merdeka (Malaysia)

Posted at 7:32am Aug 1, 2010 EDT


Good morning! Thanks for the nice new thread, Jaci!

Posted at 7:49am Aug 1, 2010 EDT

efiwarsh says

Good day and happy August!
I was 3 times yesterday on the fp...At 2:00pm EST,At 6:00pm EST and At 9:00pm EST ... But not a single sale:((

August is here,my son's wedding is behind me and I wish time did not pass so quickly!!!

Have a lovely Sunday

Posted at 8:34am Aug 1, 2010 EDT

etcink says

Happy August everyone! And Happy Friendship Day (I only just found out)!

Congrats Elf on so many FPs! I'm sure the sales will come. I never buy anything when I first see it, I favorite it for later; I am sure lots of other people do that too.

I am leaving for the beach today. Just have to finish up the laundry and packing and then wake up the boy! I'll be back Thursday and I'll pop in when I can.

Posted at 8:41am Aug 1, 2010 EDT

Good Morning All!

My head is pounding and eyes are itching from allergies this morning, hope the pills kick in soon.

Erica, have fun at the beach.

Posted at 8:53am Aug 1, 2010 EDT

Mudgoddess says

Thanks for your support in the Blues Challenge, the voting is over. Check out the winners

Posted at 8:55am Aug 1, 2010 EDT

niftyknits says

thanks for all the info at the beginning Jaci - maybe I'll be able to ship out my tennis player, I expected him to go in Wimbledon!

Posted at 9:24am Aug 1, 2010 EDT

niftyknits says

Mudgoddess - nice link :-)

Posted at 9:26am Aug 1, 2010 EDT

August already? How did that happen? How is everybody today?

Here's a new t just for the fun of it:
Stick a Cork in it!

Posted at 9:34am Aug 1, 2010 EDT

That's amazing, Efi. After all that I'm sorry there weren't any sales. Hope you're relaxing a bit now that the wedding is over.

The beach sounds inviting. Have fun, Erica.

Congrats on the Blues Challenge win, Katherine!

Posted at 9:47am Aug 1, 2010 EDT