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Original Post

The Createability Team is a group of Etsy sellers with disabilities or who are caregivers to disabled people. The team exists to provide support and advice to each other, as well as opportunities to chat and promote!

Find us all by searching for the team tag "Createability Team"

More information about the team here:

our blog, maintained by berrybluecreations.etsy.com

Flickr group, run by admin cuddlebugkids.etsy.com

To join the team, please contact ME at cindylouwho2.etsy.com

old thread was here, if you need to catch up!

Posted at 2:16pm Aug 1, 2010 EDT


please welcome our newest member, Margueritemanor.etsy.com

Posted at 2:25pm Aug 1, 2010 EDT

I added you to the blog list.

Posted at 3:11pm Aug 1, 2010 EDT

Berry, I love your "Aunt Shirley"! Your shop's lookin' pretty fine!

Cindy, I peeked at some of your new things earlier. Lookin' good, too :)

Welcome margueritemanor -- will check out your shop.

Haven't been around forums and teams much but had a good week.

Just posted on my blog... "What matters is how you see yourself." Ever seen that image of a kitten looking in the mirror and seeing a reflection of a big lion? That's the theme of the blog. And there's a poll (I love polls esp if they're goofy)

Was in this beautiful treasury by CAST:

Have a wonderful day!

Posted at 3:30pm Aug 1, 2010 EDT

great treasury, Sheryl!

Posted at 3:44pm Aug 1, 2010 EDT

oh, and thanks for the compliment :) I always love looking at your gorgeous creations

Posted at 3:44pm Aug 1, 2010 EDT

Sheryl forgot to mention that she curated this beautiful treasury & included a few teammates:

Thank you!

Posted at 3:50pm Aug 1, 2010 EDT

Thanks Sheryl! Aunt Shirley was one of the first dolls I ever made, she's about 5 years old. Another 15 years and she'll be Etsy Vintage lol.

Posted at 3:58pm Aug 1, 2010 EDT

Happy August! Welcome margueritemanor!

Finally I have something new to post.

Copper pearl earrings.

Posted at 4:56pm Aug 1, 2010 EDT