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Original Post

ericds says

Hi everyone,

Checkout is one of the most important parts of Etsy. It's the backbone that enables everyone to buy and sell all of the amazing, unique items that have made Etsy what it is.

In the past, there have been many pain points with Checkout. There have been requests, and there have been complaints. We've been listening.

I'm excited to announce we just started rolling out a new Checkout experience to a small percentage of Etsy visitors. The new Checkout addresses many common complaints and issues with the current Checkout.

-----Here's an overview:

We retired the idea of committing to buy, so submitting an order is no longer separate from paying for the order. When paying with PayPal, you submit an order after authorizing payment at PayPal and items aren't marked as sold until the payment is complete. We also removed the confusion created by entering a shipping address on Etsy and Paypal. When paying with PayPal, you enter the shipping address once at PayPal.

The current shopping cart can make it difficult for shoppers to feel comfortable making a purchase decision and proceeding to checkout. We made changes to improve that. In the cart, we include shipping costs and an order total, and we provide a space to write a note to the shop with any info needed to complete the order.

In the new Checkout, you can purchase from one shop without having to remove everything from your cart that you're not ready to buy. We also streamlined inline registration so it's easier for new members to check out.

-----And here are the details of the new Checkout:

When shoppers view their cart, their items are grouped by shop.

For each shop, shoppers see the following in their cart:

- the items from the shop
- space to write a note to the shop (similar to the old "Message to Seller")
- a drop-down menu to choose their Ship to country
- choice of payment methods (depending on the shop's preferences)
- an order summary with sub-total for items, shipping cost, and order total
- a Checkout button

In this version of Checkout, shoppers purchase from one shop at a time.

--Here are the steps when paying with PayPal:

- Click Checkout button on Etsy.
- Confirm or enter payment method and shipping address at PayPal and click Continue.
- Click Submit Order button on final review page on Etsy.

When shoppers click Submit Order, the PayPal payment goes through and the items are marked as sold. The order will only have one shipping address (the one entered at PayPal), which will appear on the Etsy invoice page. It will no longer be possible to be a "non-paying buyer" if the shopper chooses PayPal as the payment method.

--Here are the steps when paying with check, money order or other payment method:

- Click Checkout button.
- Enter or choose shipping address.
- Click Submit Order button on final review page.

When shoppers click Submit Order, the items are marked as sold. Shoppers are provided a mailing address for their payment or are instructed to contact the shop for more information.

After submitting an order, shoppers land on a page that confirms their order was submitted successfully and shows the remaining items in their cart, so they can easily purchase from another shop.

We just started to roll out the new Checkout to a small percentage of Etsy visitors. We will watch how people use the new Checkout closely, make adjustments, and continue to increase the percentage of people experiencing the new Checkout. We'll keep you updated as we roll out the new Checkout to more people.

If you have questions or feedback, please post in this thread:

Eric, Bryan, Randy, and Steve

Posted at 6:10pm Aug 6, 2010 EDT


lisajune says

We've been keeping up with feedback on Express Checkout in its initial deployment to 5% of users. We've found a few substantial issues, not least of all being a difficulty charging sales tax via Paypal when using Express Checkout.

We've decided to roll back the use of Express Checkout for the time being while we work through these initial concerns. We'll update further as we have substantial solutions. :)

Posted at 7:36pm Aug 9, 2010 EDT