Help with Heat-setting speedball-fabric paint

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Original Post

AAlexandra says

I need some serious advice about heat-setting speedball paint. I have water-soluble paint for block printing. I've been using it on fabric and it comes out nice however when I wash the fabric it runs everywhere. I've read online that you can heat-set it but I've tried leaving it in a clothes-dryer for over 30min and I've used the oven at 300degrees for 10min.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated..


Posted at 12:41pm Aug 10, 2010 EDT


I've only heat set regular rubber stamp ink, so the only thing I know is that a) it works best on 100% cotton fabric and b) heat set it with an iron before washing it. Wait til it dries, and then press it with a cloth between the ink and fabric. I use paper towels.

Posted at 12:43pm Aug 10, 2010 EDT

mudandtwig says

Speedball has a printing ink and a textile ink. I would be sure to use the textile ink (which is also water soluble, when wet) for your washables. I heat-set mine with a hot, dry iron after the print has thoroughly dried. I just use a plain old piece of printer paper as a barrier and iron for about 3-4min!

Posted at 12:50pm Aug 10, 2010 EDT

AAlexandra says

I've been using the fabric ink and the iron never works for me.

Posted at 12:52pm Aug 10, 2010 EDT

mudandtwig says

peaseblossom is absolutely right about the fiber content of your material! If you are not printing onto a natural fiber, that could be the problem. Otherwise, you could try a new tub...maybe you got a dud!? I have great success with Speedball, but I've also heard good things about DickBlick & Jacquard, if want to try another brand. They all have slightly different consistency & 'open' time, but you will find one you like!

Posted at 1:08pm Aug 10, 2010 EDT

mudandtwig says

Oh!! One more VERY important note - prewash!! Fabrics are often treated & may resist inks & dyes unless they are pre-washed! Sorry for all the blabbering ;)

Posted at 1:09pm Aug 10, 2010 EDT

AAlexandra says

Ok.. I'll try pre-washing and see if that makes a difference.

Posted at 1:14pm Aug 10, 2010 EDT

equale says

hey all! :)

water-soluble ink will almost always run when washed, regardless of how you heat set it :(

definitely try speedball fabric or textile inks. they will bond with the fabrics, making them more permanent. then make sure you heat set for at least 5 minutes and up to 250 degrees. this causes a chemical reaction in the ink that makes it actually permanent.
i use an iron to heat set all of my shirts with a piece of brown butcher paper between the iron and the shirt, and have never had any trouble :)

hope this helps, and hope everyone is having a wonderful day! :D


Posted at 1:16pm Aug 10, 2010 EDT

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