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Original Post

sean11 says

Hi all,

Shop home pages are about to get a fresh new look, as we make them wider to match the new wide home page, search results and category pages. We've made a number of improvements, with both shop owners and shoppers in mind.

Here's a preview of the new shop page design:

Here's what coming and why:

Bigger Item Images
- Larger gallery images (170x135, as on the current wide pages) help make items jump off the page.

More Featured Items
- Shop owners will be able to showcase up to four featured items instead of three. As we give shop owners more control over how their items are arranged and presented on the site, this featured item section will become redundant and go away.

More Items Above the Fold
- The Shop Announcement area will no longer push items down the page. A prominent Shop Announcement preview will link to an overlay with the full announcement text. This is designed to bring more items to shoppers' attention, while providing shop owners with a more effective space for messaging.

Shopper-Friendly Layout
- The shop sidebar is moving from the right side of the shop home page to the left, following the convention shoppers are accustomed to on Etsy search results and category pages.

More Ways to Show Love
- We've made it easier for shoppers to add shops to their favorites -- look for a big, attractive heart button on the upper right.

More Items to Love
- Shop pages will feature up to 24 items per page instead of 21.

Here are answers to frequently asked questions:

Will shop owners need to resize their shop banners?

No. Shop banners remain 760px wide and 100px tall.

Will any of these updates affect search engine optimization (SEO) for shops?

No. All of the information in the Etsy Guide to SEO is still applicable:

The full Shop Announcement text will be displayed as an overlay but will remain visible to search engines. The first 160 characters of your Shop Announcement is still the most important, as this is generally displayed as the excerpt for Etsy shop pages in Google search results.

Will shop owners need to adjust anything?

You may want to adjust your shop banner design and your use of the Shop Announcement space when you see your shop with the new design, but this is totally up to you. You may also see a gap in the Featured Items area of your shop, as the new design allows you to showcase four items there instead of three.

Will Etsy URLs continue to be "hotlinked" in the Shop Announcement?

Yes. Etsy links will continue to work in the Shop Announcement overlay.

Why move the shop sidebar from the right to the left?

This is designed to follow the convention shoppers are accustomed to on Etsy search results and category pages. Shop section navigation will be similar to navigation on Etsy category pages and search results.


Very soon! These new pages will be rolled out gradually, beginning with a small percentage of visitors. We will update this thread and the Announcement Forum thread as the rollout gets underway. Expect an article on Etsy's blog and an Etsy News email about these changes as well.

This update highlights some of the important structural improvements we're hard at work on here at Etsy: namely, providing members with the ability to manage multiple shops from a single account. You'll see the "shop owner" visually separated from the shop, and things like favorites now live with the person behind the shop rather than the shop itself. Related updates to the member profile page are on the way.

Questions, comments and feedback are welcome in this thread:


Posted at 2:43pm Aug 11, 2010 EDT


lisajune says

To be clear about the photo sizes for the new item listing page, absolutely no resizing is required. As Sean notes above, banner sizes will remain the same.

In the future, as we widen listing pages -- which we will announce further as we get closer -- we will be enlarging the image area on listing pages to 570 pixels. If your largest item photo is 430 pixels wide, we will display it at that size and account for it in the layout (the main image area will still be 570 pixels, with your smaller item photo placed within it). We will not be stretching item photos.

We recommend uploading images that are 800-1000 pixels wide.

We will share more details about the item listing page update and provide a preview of their new design as we near that rollout. Again, sellers will not need to re-size their images.

Posted at 11:58am Aug 12, 2010 EDT

Rokali says

Here's a nice little trick, to see your own (or any) shop in the wider layout. Just add the following to the end of a shop URL:


For example, here's a shop URL:

Now we'll add the suffix from above, to get this:

(Note: this only really works for the shop homepage right now; shop sections, if you click on them in the wide view, will revert back to the current design.)

We're still designing this page, but we thought it'd be nice to enhance the preview Sean gave above, so you can see your own shop in the new design.

To reiterate an earlier point: no new image sizes are needed.

Posted at 10:57pm Aug 13, 2010 EDT

Rokali says

Adding your real name will be entirely optional, and you will have to explicitly do it (i.e. enter it in a new field we'll add to your profile).

Those who don't want to won't have to, nor will we make anything visible unless you clearly tell us to.

Posted at 2:44pm Aug 14, 2010 EDT

sean11 says

UPDATE: The rollout is upon us!

We are now beginning to roll out the new wider shop pages. Only a small percentage of visitors will see them initially, as we are moving carefully and testing along the way.

Questions and comments are welcome in this discussion thread:

Thanks for all your detailed feedback so far.


Posted at 5:19pm Aug 16, 2010 EDT

Rokali says

I'd like to reiterate that this isn't a final design. We're exploring different ways to label & display the shop announcement, as well as the location of the shop name.

This is a beginning.

Posted at 5:28pm Aug 16, 2010 EDT

Rokali says

And now everyone can share in the new design.

Posted at 7:12pm Aug 17, 2010 EDT

sean11 says

New wide shop pages are now visible to 100% of visitors!

And we've made some design enhancements based on your feedback. The shop banner's been pushed up, the sidebar's been made a warmer and the shop-owner avatar is larger, to start.

We will continue to iterate on this design, but results so far have been positive. The new shop pages are seeing lower bounce rates, and a higher percentage of visits to the new shop pages click through to item pages.

Comments, questions and feedback are welcome as always in the discussion thread:


Posted at 7:15pm Aug 17, 2010 EDT

Rokali says

We spent a lot of time talking about the design of the shop announcement. Our decision was based on the following train of thought:

When a potential customer comes into your shop, they are interested in your items for sale. If these items don't interest them, your shop announcement is of even less interest to them. It's basically irrelevant.

(Imagine walking into a retail store and, before looking at the items, you had to look at their shop policies.)

For the people who do look at your items, they will be interested in your shop announcement. A big block of text up front is not the best way to get them to read it. As our analytics show, and as many sellers here know all too well, people don't read a lot of text.

(Same goes for item descriptions, wherein sellers state important info, only to have buyers convo them with the very q's that were answered in the item description.)

We plan on revising what a shop announcement means on Etsy. It should be brief, and it will remain atop your shop. Other key pieces of info are better communicated to (potential) buyers in other ways than a big block of text, more in tune with the buying process.

Posted at 7:21pm Aug 17, 2010 EDT

Heya! Thanks so much for all the thumbs-up and suggestions, everyone! We are taking notes for future improvements, and we appreciate you taking the time to comment!

Please see this thread for some FAQs:

Also, one more:

Q: What's the deal with "Most Sold" in sold items?

A: This will only show quantities within the same listing- it doesn't count relisted items. This has actually been around forever- people are just noticing it now since it is not in a drop-down menu. One day, we will change how items are listed- you will keep the item number and not have to add quantities, so this will make more sense then.

Posted at 5:14pm Aug 18, 2010 EDT