How do you verify someones EIN/ tax ID?

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Original Post

I am doing more wholesale orders now, from people and stores I don't personally know. I want to verify they are the business they claim they are.

I know there is an easy way to check for EINs and Tax ID numbers but heck if I can find one! The govt website doesn't supply that info (at least not on the govt site I found).

Posted at 12:05pm Aug 12, 2010 EDT


Sure, call the state tax offices for the state they are doing business in.

Posted at 12:07pm Aug 12, 2010 EDT

you would have to contact their state tax dept. some states have the ability to verify online, too. one doesnt really HAVE to verify it, either. its really just a personal preference

Posted at 12:07pm Aug 12, 2010 EDT

I did a GOOGLE search: verify EIN. This looks pretty helpful:

(Many other options came up as well)

Posted at 12:07pm Aug 12, 2010 EDT

You really want their state sales tax number.

Posted at 12:08pm Aug 12, 2010 EDT

By State! *forehead smack* Duh! Thanks guys :)

Posted at 12:10pm Aug 12, 2010 EDT

I know not everyone has an EIN but I just didn't know where to start searching nation-wide for the pertinent info.

Posted at 12:12pm Aug 12, 2010 EDT

and , if they are in your state, you have to keep a copy of their resale cert. on file, to prove you had no sales tax liability for the sales, if you are ever audited

Posted at 12:13pm Aug 12, 2010 EDT

wickedlymodpendants says:
You really want their state sales tax number.
I think that's what she meant by Tax ID.. Though I don't know why the EIN would be of benefit for wholesale orders..
There are people out there who borrow a friends tax id to get a little discount or not pay taxes on purchases, I think you'll find that the people willing to pull that silly bs are really buying onsies for themselves and not placing honest order of a gross or more.

Unless the OP is sending stuff off on consignment.

Posted at 12:13pm Aug 12, 2010 EDT

usually, when a sole-proprietor gets an EIN, the state uses that as the tax ID

Posted at 12:14pm Aug 12, 2010 EDT