New to Etsy and getting no views

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Original Post

I am new to Etsy. I listed 5 items on July 10 and have gotten no views from anyone other than my husband. Today I tried to find my items by searching for the EXACT title of the artwork and my items didn't come up.

Can someone please help me to let me know what I am doing wrong? It would be very much appreciated.

My store name is ahiddenword.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Posted at 9:20pm Aug 15, 2010 EDT


I found your item:

You have to use the drop down and search handmade.

Posted at 9:24pm Aug 15, 2010 EDT

Stuff gets moved to the back of the search pages within minutes. You posted these items over a month ago; if someone's searching photography, your items might not come up until page 3000 or something. You have to list or relist daily. I'd also recommend creating a shop banner, avatar, and include your location in your shop.

Posted at 9:24pm Aug 15, 2010 EDT

Listings get buried fairly quickly here. Try renewing or adding new listings for added exposure. I do this almost daily. Also, use as many of the tag spots as you can. That gives you more of a chance of people getting your listing when doing a search.

Posted at 9:25pm Aug 15, 2010 EDT

Modred12 says

It would help others find you to use all of your tags. Use color, for example. So long as it's applicable to your item(s), use/tag it. Your letters are very creative.

Posted at 9:26pm Aug 15, 2010 EDT

Let folks know a little bit about you in your profile and fill in your shop policies.

Posted at 9:26pm Aug 15, 2010 EDT

lisajune says

This is a great Forum thread to read if you're a new seller wondering why you're not selling yet. Incidentally it's called, Newbies. Here's why you're not selling yet.:

You may also want to post for or attend a Critiques lab, you can learn a lot of tips and tricks to building a strong Etsy shop.

You can find the schedule for our Virtual Labs, here:

Posted at 9:28pm Aug 15, 2010 EDT

QEDawesome says

I would highly recommend using all fourteen tags, if you can think of more.. it really increases exposure!

Posted at 9:30pm Aug 15, 2010 EDT

Fynorrahs says

Promote your shop everywhere you can. Etsy is a venue for you list your items and they provide a cart that links to Paypal. That is what you pay for. The rest is up to you.

Waiting for someone to find your shop will not create a succesful business.

Posted at 9:30pm Aug 15, 2010 EDT

This is something I have to work on too. I've started reading a lot on the forums about marketing, but I'm painfully shy, and it's going to take some effort for me.

I do like your concept! It probably comes down to marketing and a little graphics work to showcase your shop page better.

Posted at 9:31pm Aug 15, 2010 EDT

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