**SATEAM Weekly Thread ~ August 16th to August 20th 2010**

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Posted at 3:28am Aug 16, 2010 EDT


Good morning everyone and happy Monday! Busy day today!! Heading to the gym this morning for the second session with the personal trainer. Today we work on lower body. Then, this afternoon we're heading out to do some school shopping. My son starts 11th grade this Wednesday and my daughter starts 7th grade next Wednesday.

With the shift from Back to School, to fall and Halloween, it brings about this week's topic. Seasonal items - do you have them in your shop? If you do, do you take them out of your shop at a certain time? Well, you guys know me - my most "seasonal" pieces are my Halloween items and yep, I keep them in my shop all year round. It's a good thing too, since it was February that Better Homes and Gardens found my spiders.
I also have other items that work well with certain seasons, like my butterflies in spring and summer and my engraved goodies for mothers day, fathers day, graduation, etc. And yep, I keep every one of those in my shop year round too!

It's been slow around Etsy the last couple of weeks, so here's to an extra wish for a fabulous day and LOADS of sales for all of us today!

Posted at 3:47am Aug 16, 2010 EDT

beadsire says

Happy Monday all - glad to hear that the personal training sessions are going well Jen. No seasonal items in my shop, I've just been playing with different styles and have just developed my first real theme.

Yep - hope there are lots of sales too!

Posted at 5:39am Aug 16, 2010 EDT

mmemagpie says

I haven't really gotten into seasonal stuff - mostly because I don't bother to wear it myself. Themes, however... I'm about to hit those pretty hard.

Posted at 10:24am Aug 16, 2010 EDT

Seasonal stuff? The closest I have are my ornaments and tree pins, and I keep them in the shop year-round.

I keep meaning to develop more, but never seem to manage it.

Listed new hairsticks (finally got them listed, rather) and getting ready to list new hairpins. Geez, I've only had them made for, oh, a year!

Posted at 10:58am Aug 16, 2010 EDT

I don't really have any seasonal stuff either.

Etsy has been slow for me this month too. Maybe after school starts, it will pick up.

Caron and Andrea, can't wait to see your new theme items.

Be sure to check out the team blog today: starvingartiststeam.blogspot.com/

Posted at 10:58am Aug 16, 2010 EDT

Azoho says

I've made seasonal stuff but have never listed it here. (kept it local) This year I may list the Halloween & Holiday items- if I can get decent photos.

Posted at 11:00am Aug 16, 2010 EDT

Morning all!

Jen I won't be doing any walking or jogging today it's just too hot! it was 90 in the house at 6 pm last night!

I don't do seasonal items mainly because I can't wrap my head around them early enough that they are ready for their selling season.

I have been thinking about doing some engraved sugar skulls for a friend, Jen can I ask what kind of engraver you have and do you like it?

Posted at 11:11am Aug 16, 2010 EDT

I don't have seasonal items in my stock.

Have a happy Monday everyone!

Posted at 2:08pm Aug 16, 2010 EDT

mmemagpie says

I expect my cake and death stamps any day now.

I also licked the Rio catalog this morning and nearly choked on the bill :D

Posted at 3:05pm Aug 16, 2010 EDT