Etsy shop selling invitations that are NOT handmade

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Original Post

I came across a shop the other day because her pictures looked way too familiar. I clicked into her shop and noticed that all her listings were from a catalog that I used to sell from when I worked at a stationery and invitation store. In her public profile she lists her other website that she has for her business where she states that she is a licensed dealer for the catalog company. When you order from this company, you can choose the font, ink color, design, and other different variables to personlize the your invitation order, but the company itself creates the order, not the dealer. Isn't it wrong and against the handmade policy for her to sell the personalized catalog invitations through her Etsy store?

I reported the shop to Admin, but I don't know if they got it or not. It just really bothers me that this person is trying to pass these invitations off as her own designs.

Posted at 10:53am Aug 20, 2010 EDT


Definitely against the whole concept behind Etsy, and a blatant TOS violation :(

Posted at 10:54am Aug 20, 2010 EDT

gremlygirl says

Unfortunately, all you can do is flag it and move on. You won't get a response (or fast action) from Admin.

Posted at 10:54am Aug 20, 2010 EDT

What? People have the GULL to sell things on here that aren't handmade, supply or vintage? Nuh uh!? Blasphemy! did all that you could do, you reported it. People like that, I can an eye on their store and keep reporting if I notice Etsy hasn't yet taken action.

Posted at 10:55am Aug 20, 2010 EDT

when you flag it, give admin the facts that you gave here - and a link to the catalog company would help them, too

Posted at 10:55am Aug 20, 2010 EDT

naomicayne says

Yes its against the TOUs, as they're not handmade. All you can do is report it and hope Etsy takes care of it. Mentioning it here is might get the thread shut down for calling out.

Posted at 10:55am Aug 20, 2010 EDT

When I reported it to Etsy Admin, I gave the catalog company, but is there an e-mail address where I could go into more detail and match up every single one of her listing to to the catalog?

Posted at 10:57am Aug 20, 2010 EDT

The link to the catalog company should be enough. I reported a shop a while back once daily citing how they were selling knockoffs here AND on EBay ... not handmade, not okay. I gave links to the seller's EBay page and they ended up being removed about a week or so later - I would say keep at it and provide good evidence to back up your claim so Etsy doesn't have to do all the investigative work - Hope this helps!

Posted at 11:21am Aug 20, 2010 EDT

halpal28 says

email admin, that will probably get it shut down faster.

Posted at 11:23am Aug 20, 2010 EDT

Don't forget to take a screen capture of where she says she's a dealer.

Wording can all too easily change.

Posted at 11:50am Aug 20, 2010 EDT