What should I put on photos before mod podge to prevent smudging?

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Original Post

Selene2002 says

I am looking to do a big project, photos in a collage covering a large door. I wanted to coat them with something before I mod podge them. Is there a spray or anything that I can apply to them before I mod podge them to make them not smudge?

Posted at 8:37 pm Aug 21, 2010 EDT


Would clear Krylon work? I end up using that to cover my waterslide decals and it works like a dream. Also, I don't know if clear contact paper would work or if it would damage your photos--but that thought crossed my mind too!

Posted at 8:41 pm Aug 21, 2010 EDT

Selene2002 says

That's what I was thinking actually? Can I modpodge over it?

Posted at 8:42 pm Aug 21, 2010 EDT

Selene2002 says

Hmmm - clear contact paper. Interesting idea

Posted at 8:43 pm Aug 21, 2010 EDT

I modpodged over clear glaze on a ceramic vase I'd made for myself and it looks really nice! I used a favorite image and printed it onto waterslide decal paper, then placed it on the vase. Once dry, I modpodged over it a few times with the glow-in-the-dark mod podge and it looks good! No smudges! I think the Krylon would probably work. I have a bugger of a time getting the coats even, so I put the husband to good use and have him spray my decals for me! :)

Posted at 8:54 pm Aug 21, 2010 EDT

glow in the dark mod podge?

Posted at 9:34 pm Aug 21, 2010 EDT

mizdarlin says

glow in the dark? Well, tis almost the season *wooooooo...*

Posted at 9:40 pm Aug 21, 2010 EDT

Yeah! Glow in the dark Mod Podge! It is awesome! The kid in me still loves glow-in-the-dark stuff and when I saw it I HAD to have it! LOL

Posted at 1:45 pm Aug 22, 2010 EDT

I wouldn't put anything on the photos before applying the Mod Podge.

Posted at 9:59 pm Aug 22, 2010 EDT

I'd try a sample first - but I'd definitely try it. Probably a matte finish polyurethane.

Have you tried putting Mod Podge directly on the photos? Does the ink run - or are you worried that it might?

Just wondering...

Posted at 11:48 pm Aug 22, 2010 EDT

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