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Original Post

So I've created a store on etsy however my website can not be found through any search engines, even when I specifically put my shop name, along with the
I can not pull up my site.
Any suggestions? What have I done wrong?

Posted at 4:26 pm Aug 22, 2010 EDT


Don't type in the entire website, just type in just2create. If it's not there yet, it may just not have been indexed by google yet depending on how new it is.

Posted at 4:30 pm Aug 22, 2010 EDT

WOW! Thank you so much!

Posted at 4:30 pm Aug 22, 2010 EDT

well, if you already have an address.. why would you be searching for it. Normally people will be searching for an item, and then the Search Engine will give them an address.

Maybe try searching an item, and see if your shop address comes up in the search ???

Just thinking out loud, maybe I am totally wrong.

Posted at 4:31 pm Aug 22, 2010 EDT

what you used is a subdomain, and subdomains dont get a WWW, that could be why

Posted at 4:31 pm Aug 22, 2010 EDT

EvenAndy says

Welcome to Etsy! I hope that you have a lot of success with your shop.

Posted at 4:32 pm Aug 22, 2010 EDT

i think you just havent been indexed by google yet. your subdomain works fine when you type it into the web address bar, so it does work. even searching your shopname doesnt show in google yet

Posted at 4:35 pm Aug 22, 2010 EDT

Its because of the www. Subdomains usually dont work with www, just http:// Try, I just did and it works.

Posted at 4:41 pm Aug 22, 2010 EDT

spidercamp says

The purpose of a search engine is generally not to look up a url. That's like going to someone's house, then asking them where they live.

If you're on the internet, and you know the address of your shop, and that address works, then other people who know that address can find you too.

Posted at 4:53 pm Aug 22, 2010 EDT

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