Burlap...how to make it shop shedding?

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Original Post

I recently got a hold of some burlap coffee sacks and am hoping that someone can share with me the secret to stop the burlap from shedding. Anyone? Thank you!

Posted at 6:42pm Aug 25, 2010 EDT


I don't know, but I might try mixing a little bit of Elmer's glue with water and then dipping the burlap into the mixture and laying it out to dry.

Good luck!

Posted at 6:54pm Aug 25, 2010 EDT

Kinsmade says

What about one good vacuuming? Just a thought.

Posted at 7:12pm Aug 25, 2010 EDT

Another thought: ask a fabric store.

Posted at 7:34pm Aug 25, 2010 EDT

Thanks everyone! I'm sure I'll know the answer after a couple of trial and error sessions! :)

Posted at 7:40pm Aug 25, 2010 EDT

Could you use some sort of thick edge stitching?

Posted at 7:52pm Aug 25, 2010 EDT



Search "burlap coaster" and several styles come up.

Posted at 7:53pm Aug 25, 2010 EDT

It must be sewn on all edges....straight or zig zag....serger is even better...but it makes a big mess.

Posted at 7:54pm Aug 25, 2010 EDT

Is it shedding or unravelling? Stitch around edges to stop it unravelling. Shedding, [short bits of thread dropping off the woven fabric not just edges] can not be stopped as the fibre staples used to make the thread are to short for the twist used. Try spray strach or glue solution to stiffen burlap, it may stop the shedding but will take away all drape.

Posted at 1:44pm Aug 26, 2010 EDT

Thank you balmyatticarts! I serged the edges of the burlap so I haven't come across the burlap unravelling...as of yet! I'll definitely try a spray starch or glue solution to stiffen the burlap, and hopefully it will help reduce the shedding as well!

Posted at 6:20pm Aug 26, 2010 EDT