4 Things to Look At When Transforming Low-to-No Views into SALES!

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Original Post

NerdJerk says

It's easy to get caught up in the "Why NOT?" of sales in our Etsy shops. I mean, all the cool kids seem to be doing it.

But have you stopped to ask yourself about the "WHY?" in the situation and what you could do to help things move along?

As I'd only had one $14 sale for the whole month until last night, I can tell you that it wasn't for lack of trying. I was doing craft shows, being active in the local DIY community, helping other sellers, talking to shops about consignment & even assisting organizers of San Francisco artists' showcases in their part of the handmade movement.

I've found that redirecting your frustration to inspiration helps things move along a lot more than being negative.

So, even though they may just be reminders, here's a few items I'd like to suggest to everyone:

1 - Revamping Your Shop Brand -
Are you happy with your brand? Does your shop have a cohesive feel/look to it? If you were a stranger discovering your shop, would you know where to go to find something you liked? Are your listings interlinked with other like-listings for a lowered bounce rate to keep people shopping with you? Are your catergories searchable by Google? What do you feel works for your brand? What have you been given compliments on? What hasn't worked? What have you been waiting to take a chance on?

2 - Photos -
How do you feel about your photos? If you were to compare them to the ones on the Front Page, how would they measure up? Have you been using any photo-editing software? Have you read any tutorials? Have you asked for feedback on your photography? Put your shop in gallery mode and ask yourself if all your photos in the thumbnail format create a destinctive theme. Do they mix well or do some stand out? Why do they stand out? What can you do to make it feel like your brand shines through your product images? If you were shopping in your shop, what would interest you the most about your first image? Are they in a clickable order - does clicking one photo make your finger itch to click to the next? You want your customer to feel this way - why shouldn't you?

3 - Add New Listings & Relisting Popular Items -
It's proven that new items get more views. It's also proven that having more listings keep people in your shop. What items get the most views & why? Which items haven't been given as much love? Maybe it's time to make more items that fall along the popular lines & phase out items without as much of a following? What item ideas have you been pondering about that might also be interesting? Have you polled your social media resources about what they'd be interested to see in your shop? Having a giveaway for a $10 gift certificate to your shop can be a good investment when you're asking for real feedback from your customer base! They already like you - ask them WHY they like you and what other things they might like! An incentive cost is a lot better than $10 in relisting fees for items that don't sell & you don't even know why.

4 - How Active Are You? -
What are you personally doing to bring people into your shop? Are you thoughtfully commenting on a blog post that has to do with your niche? Are you offering to feature other sellers on your blog/FB/Twitter to help create some cross-promotional buzz? Are you tracking your traffic on these days? Did helping someone else out give you more hearts/more views/more traffic? Have you approached anyone about featuring you? Have you created any giveaways? Have you thanked someone for hearting your shop? Have you hearted people that have hearted your shop back & find something new that you like in their shop? Have you talked to your Etsy team members? Gone to Etsy Shop Critiques & observed/taken notes/applied what was shared there? What else can you do to be active?

It's true - the economy has been pretty horrible. But that doesn't mean that we can't try to be a little better.

With the holiday season coming up, it's going to be more important than ever to get our shops ready for a rush. Who knows? What if someone from a magazine happens upon your shop? Etsy Admin? Local craft show organizers? Wouldn't you want them to be interested?

What can we do to make things more interesting?

Any other suggestions would be welcome. :)

- Steph @ nerd JERK

Posted at 11:40am Aug 26, 2010 EDT


very nice post and so true.

Posted at 11:50am Aug 26, 2010 EDT

AlexWijnen says

Thanks for this thoughtful post! I totally agree with turning negativity into inspiration! I've had very low sales, views and hearts this month but instead of complaining in the forums, I've taken some time to try and come up with some new illustration concepts (now I just need to find the time to execute them ;)

Posted at 11:53am Aug 26, 2010 EDT

Everyone can always improve something. But I do disagree that the economy is 'bad' everywhere and for everyone.

If you're selling expensive items, then yes, perhaps, the economy could be softer for you.

But I sell soap and sundries. My items are almost all less than $10. Many less than $5. While my Etsy sales are not everything for me, I have not seen a huge dip in sales. Last year, in my area, sales were up significantly.

it is just getting 'seen' on Etsy that is the issue. And I definitely agree that photos help.

I'm working on mine. Seriously.

Posted at 11:58am Aug 26, 2010 EDT

NerdJerk says

CoquetteBath: Very true! I suppose what I meant would be defined by which market you're in. Bath & Body is an almost recession-proof market (as I used to manage a bath & body retail store for 3 years) and although sales drop, they usually don't completely stand still as people still feel the need to shower. :D

But standing out is definitely something we all work on when we're in an online community. What do people do to stand out? What works & what doesn't work as well?

I've found that constantly working on my photos has gotten me a lot of views & more treasury features than I've ever had before!

Speak of which, it's so great that Etsy allows you to search for your shop in the Treasury now. How many of us have made a treasury & written a short note to tell the featured seller that they're included? Have we been thoughtful about what to say? What if they've never been in a treasury before? Have we taken the time to include a screenshot & remind them to share it on their social media pages? It can only help to promote themselves & your curated work. :)

Thanks for the lovely comments so far! I'm more inspired than before!

Posted at 12:06pm Aug 26, 2010 EDT

Great post. Always look at the positives. Your thoughts project...so make 'em productive!

Good luck to everyone.

Posted at 12:08pm Aug 26, 2010 EDT

Thank you for the encouraging post.

Posted at 12:08pm Aug 26, 2010 EDT

jesseBYAH says

Great post! Thank you for sharing.

Posted at 12:09pm Aug 26, 2010 EDT

novella says

excellent motivation, thank you.

Posted at 12:09pm Aug 26, 2010 EDT

retroimage says

Thank you.

Posted at 12:11pm Aug 26, 2010 EDT