I'm so frustrated

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Original Post

Since Sunday, I received the messages from my customers that they can't check out items at my shop. When they click, "commit to buy", it keeps showing error message.

I reported the problem several times to etsy and I know that the tech specialist is working on it. However, it's been 5 days and I'm just waiting for the solution.

I feel so frustrated because I haven't had any sale since Sunday but just received the messages from my customers about this issue.

I'm not blaming or complaining. I'm just so frustrated that there's nothing I can do but waiting. I'd appreciate the prompt solution.

Posted at 12:05am Aug 27, 2010 EDT


Really? That's interesting. I haven't heard of this before.

Posted at 12:09am Aug 27, 2010 EDT

can't you just send them a PP invoice? I mean really if etsy is not working, find out what they want to buy send them an invoice ... when they pay pull it and send it to them...

Posted at 12:10am Aug 27, 2010 EDT

I've never had this problem before so I posted here. Hopefully it will be fixed.

Posted at 12:11am Aug 27, 2010 EDT

I'm just saying , you can't let etsy cost you sales..

Posted at 12:24am Aug 27, 2010 EDT


Wildcateleather...that's a great solution. I will try to keep that in mind if i ever have any probs.

Posted at 12:35am Aug 27, 2010 EDT

Hi prettypanda,

I'm sorry for the frustration! Have you written to us here about this?


I hope we can get this resolved soon...

Posted at 12:37am Aug 27, 2010 EDT

thank you, Wildcat.

Yes, I've written to etsy support team many times. thank you.

Posted at 7:15am Aug 27, 2010 EDT

I hope you get it resolved ASAP prettypanda! (PS, great shop)

Posted at 8:07am Aug 27, 2010 EDT

Sorry to hear that, hope they fix it for you ASAP!

Posted at 9:08am Aug 27, 2010 EDT