Best glue to use on felt?

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Original Post

I also sew my felt pieces together but some I want to use glue...
Which glue have you had the most luck with?

I tried to search this but I am on dial-up & all I get is a white screen. I don't have the time to sit and wait for my computer to move ... please don't be harsh for my lack of searching this subject.
Thank you for your help!

Posted at 5:34 pm Aug 27, 2010 EDT


wondering if Elmers like school glue will work...?

Posted at 5:58 pm Aug 27, 2010 EDT

I like hot glue for felt-to-felt.

Posted at 6:43 pm Aug 27, 2010 EDT

Elmer's School Glue is made primarily for paper, so I wouldn't recommend it.

In my experience, it depends on what kind of felt you're using. Wool felt would be safe to use with hot glue. With acrylic felt (the kind you usually find at craft stores), hot glue would probably melt it. I use Aleene's Tacky Glue for felt to felt, and it works wonderfully! But be careful not to put on too much of it because it WILL soak through and leave visible spots.

Posted at 8:17 pm Aug 27, 2010 EDT

I've used Elmer's but I like Aleene's glue too. Pretty much what disco said. Most any glue will bleed through so don't push too hard on the piece, either.

Posted at 8:27 pm Aug 27, 2010 EDT

fabric tac!

Posted at 8:31 pm Aug 27, 2010 EDT

fabric glue, hot gun glue (use low setting), aleenes- all good. I haven't had the best results with elmers... but it works- it hardens the felt a bit much... Hope that helps!

Posted at 9:03 pm Aug 27, 2010 EDT

rtisan says

hot glue gun works fine

Posted at 9:07 pm Aug 27, 2010 EDT

fabric tac

Posted at 9:13 pm Aug 27, 2010 EDT

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