What's the difference between a pin and a brooch?

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Original Post

I plan on making some pins soon...but I'm not sure whether to call them brooches or pins. They'll use the "bar pins" for the back, and they'll be made of clay.

So what's the difference between a pin and a brooch?

Posted at 12:37pm Aug 28, 2010 EDT


From my costuming experience, I've learned that a brooch is designed more to go at the center of a lady's collar (where the top button would be on a button-up shirt), and they're usually oval...think Victorian fro reference, tons of women wore them! A pin is any shape and is usually worn on a lapel or on the chest area of a blouse.
Hope that helps!

Posted at 12:44pm Aug 28, 2010 EDT

I think there are very few who know the difference, so both names ought to be in your tags :)

Posted at 12:47pm Aug 28, 2010 EDT

In today's world the two are pretty much interchangeable.

Posted at 3:48pm Aug 28, 2010 EDT

The term 'pin' tends not to get used much here in the UK - they're usually called brooches, so maybe it's a language thing too.

Posted at 4:01pm Aug 28, 2010 EDT

Means the same nowadays!

Posted at 4:03pm Aug 28, 2010 EDT

I was going to say, I think it's just semantics - to most people I know the terms are interchangeable. I will add that, subjectively, "brooch" is a little more old-fashioned sounding - and more interesting too :-)

Posted at 4:03pm Aug 28, 2010 EDT

I think I'll start calling them pin back art!

Posted at 4:13pm Aug 28, 2010 EDT

WeeSparrow says

They're certainly all called brooches over here in the UK (or in northeast England, at least!), so I'd use both tags to ensure you reach all audiences.

Posted at 4:37pm Aug 28, 2010 EDT

Ok, that's what I thought....ie. "brooch" being used in the UK and "pin" used in the US.

Posted at 8:03pm Aug 28, 2010 EDT

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