An easy way to share a treasury on your blog

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Original Post

packagery says

My boyfriend and I recently created a tool that lets you share your treasuries on your blog. Our test phase is over and it's time to release it into the wild.

It's called Treasure Trove and it works by submitting your treasury ID to our site, and then hitting the 'generate' button. Treasure Trove will then automatically generate a code for you that you can simply copy and paste into your blog post. Your generated code should display your treasuries the same way you see them here on Etsy.

You can use Treasure Trove here:

If you have any comments or issues with Treasure Trove, you can use the contact form on the site, send me a convo, or leave a post here.

Thank you to everyone who has used Treasure Trove so far!

Posted at 4:38pm Aug 30, 2010 EDT


I have used it already and love it! Thanks so much.

Treasure Trove doesn't work in Tumblr. Maybe you could look into it? I would love to use it there, it's a great site for promoting.

Thanks again:D

Posted at 4:55pm Aug 30, 2010 EDT

packagery says

Hmm.. Does Tumblr allow HTML in a post?

I'm glad you like it!

Posted at 5:00pm Aug 30, 2010 EDT

GoTo says

Interesting--thanks! When the page is back up I'll be sure to try it--I'm guessing there's an influx of traffic at the moment.

Posted at 5:04pm Aug 30, 2010 EDT

GoTo says

Oh--maybe it was my service, it's back now.

Posted at 5:05pm Aug 30, 2010 EDT

aquariann says

Neat! I blog about treasuries all the time, so I'm looking forward to trying it.

Posted at 5:06pm Aug 30, 2010 EDT

packagery says

I just tried it on Tumblr and it does work, but it doesn't look like it's supposed to. I'm afraid the problem might be with Tumblr. The CSS/HTML of Tumblr must be overriding or just plain ignoring the formatting of the code that Treasure Trove generates.

I'm going to look into creating a more simplified HTML version so that it will work better with Tumblr. Thank you for letting me know about it! Tumblr completely slipped my mind when we were testing everything out.

Posted at 5:17pm Aug 30, 2010 EDT

InMyLife says

I tried it on my blog and it looks great!

the only thing is that there is a lot of white space at the bottom and I am not sure why....

Posted at 7:21pm Aug 30, 2010 EDT

packagery says

InMyLife said:
I tried it on my blog and it looks great!

the only thing is that there is a lot of white space at the bottom and I am not sure why....

I'll try to figure that one out :) In the meantime, you should be able to use the other generator here:
It will generate a short javascript code instead of a block of HTML and should display without any problems.
Let me know how that one works!

Posted at 7:33pm Aug 30, 2010 EDT