30 Minutes, 1 sale....Make New Friends...

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Original Post

TurtleXIII says

And hang out with old ones

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 1,156 SALES SO FAR ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


******Please make sure we are not in the middle of a fame before promoting your shop. ******

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥During 30 minutes of Fame we only promo the famous shop. Please DO NOT post transaction links during a fame time.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

The idea behind this thread is to give yourself 30 minutes to promote and chat and hopefully get that sale. If nothing else, you will meet some very nice people. Hopefully you will walk away with some money in your pocket and new friends. Even if the sale eludes you, you will still have made some friends, and you wont be able to wait until you can come back here and chat it up some more!!! Don’t forget to tell all your old friends how much fun you had. Bring them on over!

We also like to have ice cream every night, so grab your favorite flavor, pull up a comfy seat, and chat to your hearts content.
PLEASE help keep the sales count accurate. If you buy something from someone on this thread PLEASE post the transaction. ANY and ALL sales that are a result of this thread should be posted!!! Here is an example:

from SupurbSeller.etsy.com
Transaction link. (Found in your purchases.)

**Buyers**-Please type "30 min" in msg. to seller. Post all transaction links from purchases made in relation to this thread.

**Sellers**-Please check to see if your buyer posted their transaction links. If your buyer did not do so, please post the transaction links.

Please do not advertise sold items by transaction link, it may throw off the sales count.

-This round we have FAMES!!!
-FAMES will be given for the winner of the 550, 1100, 2400, 3800, 4900, 6600

YOU CAN ONLY WIN ONCE PER THREAD PER PERSON. So if you have 2 or more stores you can only win once total.

-Contact turtlexiii.etsy.com within 24 hours of winning. Give 2 day and time choices for your fame, that are within 72 hours of winning. You will be convo’d back with the decision.

-You only get to hold your fame in the shop you won the post with.

-You are responsible for arriving in the thread at least 15 minutes before your fame starts, and promoting your fame here and elsewhere.

-You will post the official announcement to start your fame time, which will have been convo’d to you with your official fame time.

-DO NOT post your sales until the fame time is up.

-When your fame time is up, make the announcement and we will resume business as usual. Please post your sales as soon as your time is up, so we can keep an accurate fame count, then refund those who may need it.

Posted at 9:26pm Aug 30, 2010 EDT


TurtleXIII says

And we are alive!!!!

Posted at 9:26pm Aug 30, 2010 EDT

TurtleXIII says

yippee angela made it!!

Posted at 9:28pm Aug 30, 2010 EDT

and i got on the first page! lol

Posted at 9:29pm Aug 30, 2010 EDT

THis was my most recent listing for a Bride for her wedding:

Do you like the idea of a perfume package, but want something a little more special?

This listing will allow you to have a custom made perfume only for you! I will work with you to find just the right scent for your wedding day. When finished it will be put in my Essais Book of Perfumes, and I will never make this perfume again for anyone else. The options for this type of perfume are limitless! Refills of this Bespoke Perfume will be made available to you for a reduced price.

The Custom Bespoke Bridal Package includes:

Up to 6 1ml samples of Blushing Beauty or Fleurs for your Bridesmaids

Custom 1/2 oz of Bespoke Perfume

If you need more than 6 samples, convo me, and I can make a special listing for you.

Every perfume I make is handmade in small batches when you order, with NO chemicals, preservatives, or synthetics!

You'll feel like a Queen on your Wedding day!

Each perfume will come in our signature hunter green velvet bag and gift box for the wedding party to treasure.

Included will be handmade* Wedding Thank You cards for each member of your Wedding Party as a token of your appreciation for sharing the day with you.

*Cards provided by: www.etsy.com/shop/SweetandSassyCards

Posted at 9:29pm Aug 30, 2010 EDT

TurtleXIII says

but where is everyone else?

Posted at 9:29pm Aug 30, 2010 EDT

Oooh I'm on page one too! Never been first before... hee hee

Posted at 9:30pm Aug 30, 2010 EDT

ArtofAmy says

opps hehe i posted in the old thread :P

Posted at 9:30pm Aug 30, 2010 EDT

ArtofAmy says

Need Etsy Thank you Cards?

Mini Cards!
$5.00 per Ser plus FREE SHIPPING!
Six to choose from!

Posted at 9:30pm Aug 30, 2010 EDT