Team Discovery - Official Thread for September!

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Original Post

waterwaif says

Welcome to the official thread for Team Discovery: the September Edition!

Team Discovery is a brand new Etsy team. Our mission is to find the hidden jewels of Etsy, those talented and undiscovered sellers, and help get them, well, discovered! The main way we do this is through beautifully curated treasuries which helps to showcase these new sellers while also promoting and supporting our team.

Our blog is
Here you will find interviews with undiscovered shops and team members, treasury challenges, tips and tricks, and a wonderful support system.

Our Facebook group is located at

This team is open to anyone!
To browse through our team treasuries:

If you are interested in joining the team:

**Every team member must create at least 2 team treasuries a month. Team treasuries consist of at least 8 undiscovered shops (under 20 sales) and the rest team shops. You are free to make as many other treasuries as you like, but in order to be a Team Discovery treasury, your treasury must include at least 8 undiscovered shops with the rest of the slots filled with team members.**

All team treasuries must use the "teamdiscovery" tag, all one word and without the quotes.

In addition to the monthly treasuries, we hold weekly treasury challenges on our blog. These are not mandatory but they do have exciting rewards so you won't want to miss them!

The team roster is located below, in addition to helpful links. The team roster is what you'll use to fill the remaining spots in your treasuries, after you've filled the undiscovered spots. Pounce is a great tool to find undiscovered shops and I've also included links to forum threads listing undiscovered shops.


Team Roster (matching stars indicate shop w/same owner)


The Blog:

This week's Treasury Challenge!

Facebook Group:

Forum Thread with new shop nominations:

Team Introduction thread:

Posted at 9:22am Sep 1, 2010 EDT


EasyBaby says

Good morning and great new fresh thread! Off to read all of our new "rules"

Posted at 9:24am Sep 1, 2010 EDT

EasyBaby says

Oh no! I have a question right off the bat. I should make 4 treasuries a month, right? 2 shops = 4 treasuries per month.

Let me know if I am incorrect, but no worries either way. I can manage that.

Posted at 9:25am Sep 1, 2010 EDT

EasyBaby says

Off to make my first treasury of the new month!

Posted at 9:28am Sep 1, 2010 EDT

now off to the work room!

Posted at 9:30am Sep 1, 2010 EDT

newest treasury, just finished it, give it some love :) I am loving this group, the logo and blog are awesome, and we have helped people get some sales already (including myself hehe!) Thanks for all your hard work team leaders!!!!

Posted at 9:42am Sep 1, 2010 EDT

EasyBaby says

Here is mine for all of you Virgos out there and everyone else who loves us!

Posted at 9:48am Sep 1, 2010 EDT

EasyBaby says

I have to come up with some cool new themes for this next week for my treasuries! Today is my oldest son's birthday and in 9 more days is mine. 9 days before that was my youngest son's birthday.

So either 9 or birthday! lol

Posted at 9:55am Sep 1, 2010 EDT

smafactory says

Hi all! I just joined the Team Discovery Facebook group!
Today I've started a FB page too.

Would love some people to like!

Have a great day:)

Posted at 10:05am Sep 1, 2010 EDT