September Dachshund Team Thread: Bark To School

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Original Post

The wieners smell that Fall is in the air. The cooler temps are starting to arrive in some areas. The summer coat will soon be shedding, and you know leaf rolling time is fast approaching. The human pups are headed back to school, and the wienies will be the head of the pack as always.

We are just a group of friendly folks that talks about our little furry ones, our etsy shops, and how we can network/"Pawmote" together.

Please, feel free to stop in and visit. We don't bite, but we tend to bark often. Oh, and our little long ones sometimes like to bark in on certain topics, too.

Here is the link to the etsy dachshund team page. By the way, it is updated once a month so some new members may not be on there yet.

Woofs to you from the team!

Posted at 10:56am Sep 1, 2010 EDT


Welcome all wienie friends to a new month.

Posted at 10:58am Sep 1, 2010 EDT

ylbb says

Gooooooooooooooood Morning. :) Now off to pay my etsy bill and relist my new items. Mwahaha.

Posted at 11:13am Sep 1, 2010 EDT

YLBB, thanks for reminding me. I need to pay mine, too. Got the team member list update to etsy for the month, too. Off to pay my bill now.

Here is my other teams blog contest. It is only running today by the way. Sasha and I are offering the prize this time.

Posted at 11:33am Sep 1, 2010 EDT

ylbb says

Just paid my bill, most of the cost went to listing new stuff... not much from sales. Boo. But oh well. This month is going to be a good Etsy (<--affirmation).

Last nite, I had fun playing ball with Gigi. I always have to tease her first to get her started. I think we played a good 5 minutes. :D

Posted at 11:50am Sep 1, 2010 EDT

YLBB, I always have to tease Charlie first to get Sasha started. She only wants it if Charlie really wants it. Spoiled little bratt she is. heehee

Here is a new magnet set. Sasha as slinky dog is one.

Posted at 12:00pm Sep 1, 2010 EDT

you're Jen right? love that evil laugh. maybe it will "scare up" some sales! I will practice your affirmation as well.
This month is going to be a good Etsy month!

Speaking of dogs and toys, I cant get the little dogs to play with the little toys and the big dog to play with the big ones.

Reading an article in a recent bead mag about how important it is to use all the free marketing tools like facebook, twitter, blogs etc. but gee-whiz, who has time. If I did the bead stuff full time, you betcha I would do it but I can barely get to and from work, dogs fed and walked (and walked and walked), bathe and eat in a single day! I admire those who, like Athena, manage to do it all, not sure it will ever be me though.

What I would really like to have time to do it submit stuff to the bead mags. Has anyone ever done amuything like that?

Posted at 2:38pm Sep 1, 2010 EDT

Oh, forgot my mantra:
<deep cleansing breath>

This month is going to be a good Etsy month!

Posted at 2:38pm Sep 1, 2010 EDT

ylbb says

Affirmation: This month is a good Etsy month.
Affirmation 2: People love my items and can't get enough of it.
Affirmation 3: I made all items with love and care and customers can feel it and come back for more.

Bead-ylbb=Jen=Gigi's pet (LOL).
You can link facebook with twitter. So posting on 1 will also post the other. I think you can go both ways. But I have only set it so facebook will go to twitter. I think you can do that from blog to either (or both) facebook/twitter... so that should save some time.

Posted at 2:44pm Sep 1, 2010 EDT

The bead, I don't do it all. I am currently looking for work so I do have more spare time than those with full time jobs. I do odd jobs like babysitting snd such whenever I can, but most of the time I am at the computer 12-15 hours a day. This is why teaming is so necessary. If you have a good group that can pawmote you while you can't and you can while they can't it works out. Really, I have found that pawmoting yourself really isn't as benificial as pawmoting others. Really, people are more likely to look and buy if you say you want a particular item, have baught from this store, or isn't this just so cool. Then, here is my new necklace I just made. Someone please buy it. Kind of like how trends get started in jr. and high school. I remeber when boxer shorts on the outside was a big fad just cause some cool kid decided to do it. Then, all the kids were doing it.

Oh, and I have never done magazine submissions. But, my guess is it really probably wouldn't bring in lots of sales anyways. 1. Average (shopping) people don't tend to buy those kind of magazines. 2. If they did see it in a magazine, how often do you think they will remeber to check out that website when theya re at a computer (some may if the have the net on their phone which is becoming more popular.) Hoever, most will read the magazine and think one if it is in there it is probably out of my price range or two forget about it and keep reading the magazine.

For Jewelry people, I would guess wearing your work and showing that you do would be the number one pawmoting device. Take pics of you in your normal life wearing the jewelry, and post to blogs and facebook. Even make short videos of you working on your jewelry. It doesn't have to be major production just a few minutes of my life kind of thing.

#2. Volunteer to teach a how to class at church groups, youth programs, senior centers, and so forth. You can show some of your work as examples and teach a simple method of making your own jewelry to others. (Check to see if local craft store will let you teach a class.) Micheals here is always got workshops going on lots of different crafts.

Posted at 2:57pm Sep 1, 2010 EDT