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Original Post

The Createability Team is a group of Etsy sellers with disabilities or who are caregivers to disabled people. The team exists to provide support and advice to each other, as well as opportunities to chat and promote!

Find us all by searching for the team tag "Createability Team"

More information about the team here:

our blog, maintained by berrybluecreations.etsy.com

Flickr group, run by admin cuddlebugkids.etsy.com

To join the team, please contact ME at cindylouwho2.etsy.com

old thread was here, if you need to catch up!

Posted at 2:50pm Sep 1, 2010 EDT


here is the new promotions thread:

please use it for all of your new listings, your sales & specials etc.

Posted at 2:53pm Sep 1, 2010 EDT

Congrats on the sale.

Welcome September and may the sales fairy be generous to all this month.

Posted at 3:55pm Sep 1, 2010 EDT

Happy September, everyone! I guess fall is officially here...even if it is 95 outside. :)

Posted at 4:06pm Sep 1, 2010 EDT

Oh, Berry, I wanted to say that I have seen what they do with old mattresses on Dirty Jobs. Suffice to say, it is not pretty. ;)

Posted at 4:28pm Sep 1, 2010 EDT

MadeByMari says

OK, Sept it is! thx for the stars, Cindy!
#1: I did not throw up during the CTscan! Pretty close though!

#2: Kate: YAY FOR THE SALE!!!

#3: Liberty: Yes, I think your pic is too dark to see. Can you lighten it for Etsy?

#4: Dirty Jobs is one of my fave shows and RIGHT NOW some guy has taken over the Discovery Channel with explosives in Maryland. (Dee, there are MANY reasons and counting, to leave Maryland, including this and hurricane coming!)

#5: Dee, I hope your speaking (or not) & art exhibition went well.

#6: Had a friend over (actually my dental asst who dropped off a check for 7 neck coolers she bought for a cowgirl trail ride), saw my neck WARMERS, and ordered 6 to be made for Christmas presents because they ride horses in the winter too! Yahoo! Not avoiding Etsy, but I'll take it any which way. Will crochet in the car and trailer!!

Everyone sell well.

Posted at 5:08pm Sep 1, 2010 EDT

I was just on the FP & it already sold! I am not sure what I have done to be so lucky lately, but if I figure it out, I will let you all know LOL

Posted at 5:25pm Sep 1, 2010 EDT

Cindy, congrats on FP.
I saw what they do to old mattresses on Dirty Jobs too, you're right, it ain't pretty. I'd rather not think about it LOL.

Posted at 5:43pm Sep 1, 2010 EDT

MadeByMari says

Cindy, you good girl, you. Could it be you make the right things at the right prices in a quality way? Now there's a thought!

Posted at 5:50pm Sep 1, 2010 EDT

Congratulations Cindy!

Posted at 6:27pm Sep 1, 2010 EDT