Do Brita filters get rid of lead??

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Original Post

I know, I know, I'm a little worried about lead lately.

I assumed they did and read that they did, but some Brita filter boxes say the filter does remove the lead and some boxes don't say a thing about the lead removal. But they're the same filters. {{confused}}

Posted at 4:28pm Sep 1, 2010 EDT


seb8351 says

here's your answer

it looks like they reduce lead, but not enough to be certified by the current standards.

Posted at 4:31pm Sep 1, 2010 EDT

seb8351 says

oops, the tap filters meet the new standards, but the pitchers don't

Posted at 4:32pm Sep 1, 2010 EDT

Wow, thanks! I was all over that site and couldn't find the answer. Smarty pants!

It looks like only the faucet ones are certified!

*grumbles like Marge Simpson*

Posted at 4:32pm Sep 1, 2010 EDT

Oh! I hoped you meant the pitcher ones. ACK! I thought I was being a good do-be all this time during my pregnancy. I'M FREAKED OUT!

Posted at 4:33pm Sep 1, 2010 EDT

I was going to say I wouldn't trust the pitcher, but that's good to know about the tap ones.

You can get a system for your whole house, too. That would be fabulous for a super-old house!

Posted at 4:34pm Sep 1, 2010 EDT

seb8351 says

I wouldn't worry about it Briana. You figure the municipal water lead level has to be safe by govt standards, and then you're reducing that with the Brita, just not by enough to meet the standards to be called an NSF Lead Reducer.

Posted at 4:37pm Sep 1, 2010 EDT


I'll get a tap filter, but but but.......I'm very unhappy about these last three months. I'm scared. This house is about 275 years old. :( I hope I didn't put my wee one in danger.

Posted at 4:37pm Sep 1, 2010 EDT

I have a well.

OK, thanks Seb. That makes me feel a bit better that it may have been reduced some. Sheesh. This house hasn't really been kept up to any standards, knowing my landlords, I'm sure.

Posted at 4:38pm Sep 1, 2010 EDT

seb8351 says

hmm. I bet there's a home lead testing kit you could use to put your mind at ease. I'll look and post back here.

Posted at 4:39pm Sep 1, 2010 EDT